Edmunds.com: Tips Can Save You 35% in Fuel Costs

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 22, 2008

As gas prices recently hit a national record high of $3.38 per gallon average, Edmunds.com tested common fuel-saving myths in an effort to educate consumers about maximizing fuel efficiency. The testing team focused on driving style and aerodynamics, and discovered the following:

* Aggresive driving, such as high speeds, intense acceleration, and frequent lane changes, can decrease fuel economy by 35%.

* Adding luggage to the roof-rack of a crossover SUV can cause a 21% loss in fuel economy.

* At 65 miles per hour, rolling down the windows instead of turning on the air-conditioner netted 9.5% better gas mileage.

"Simple changes to your driving style, such as avoiding hard accelerating and lowering your freeway cruising speed can dramatically boost fuel economy," said Dan Edmunds, Edmunds.com's Director of Vehicle Testing.

"Relax your driving style and perform routine maintenance such as tire pressure checks and air filter replacements to save dollars, not just pennies, on gasoline," says Phil Reed, Edmunds.com's Senior Consumer Advice Editor.

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