It's Not All Up To You

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 22, 2008
EARTH DAY TIP: Navistar International Corp., a maker of trucks, engines, and commercial vehicle parts, offers some examples of how commercial vehicles can go green -- and clears up some misconceptions. Overall, this Q&A can help the chauffeured transportation industry realize that it is only one piece of the transportation pie, and there is a greater green burden on trucks, public buses, school buses, and other sectors. This is an important point to remember as the chauffeured vehicle segment faces zealous pressure from Yo-Go-Green politicians such New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Singling out limousines and black vehicles as carbon culprits is a cheapshot. Getting multiple people into chauffeured vehicles -- whether fossil fueled or hybrid -- is one of the greenest and safest transportation alternatives available. And it's easy to do -- now.

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