Loony Limo: A Penny For Your Prius?

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Posted on April 22, 2008

PULLING PRIUS: So far, our Loony Limos gallery has focused on the here and now: Tangible limousines actually rolling down the road. Today and tomorrow, we will venture into the world of limo fantasies. We’ll let you decide whether they are appropriate or not.

This limo fantasy will no doubt agitate the industry’s Green Club, many of whom have gone ga-ga over the hybrid Toyota Prius. Although there aren’t any stretch Priuses on the road, the adjoining photo shows what one WOULD look like. You see, the stretch portion of the pictured Prius has been photo-shopped in. Meet the culprit here. Hence, a penny for your Prius limo “thoughts,” or fantasies of what one would look like. Because right now, a penny is about all such a concept is worth.

While thoughts of a Prius stretch may elicit all types of Prius-dreaming, we at LCT must caution about a Prius nightmare: An overly stretched Prius stuffed with executives trying to juggle laptops, cellphones, Blackberries, copies of the WSJ, and bottled waters, only to find out there is not enough room for such onboard activity as the soft Prius engine labors and hums up a graded freeway or carpool lane.

We should hope that if this Prius fantasy every comes to fruition, and not turn into a nightmare, that an actual Prius stretch be a bit wider, smoother, and stronger than the current offerings. Customers — especially those in excess of 6-feet in height —  still want convenience and comfort, and will approve of hybrid stretches once they retain all the amenities of their fossil-fueled brethren.

-- posted by Martin Romjue

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  • Prius GUy

     | about 11 years ago

    The Prius makes a great looking limo but I think you might need to hire the Energizer Bunny to drive it?

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