Marvelous Motorcoaches

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 14, 2008
BIG GREEN BUSES: One of the greenest things a motorist can do is to take advantage of limousine, chauffeured car, and motorcoach services. The more people who can comfortably pool a chauffeured ride, the less cars on the road and less money spent on gas. This Web site entry makes a strong argument for using motorcoaches, which are becoming more varied and elaborate with increased amenities. While still a small segment of chauffeured transportation, buses of all sizes bring tremendous growth potential to this industry. -- posted by Martin Romjue

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  • town car rear suspension

     | about 10 years ago

    I am driving a lincoln town car and I really love it, but the rear air suspension went out, and now I am... hey, alot of limo's pop air bags and burn out compressors and it is to expensive to keep...

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