Loony Limo: So Gaudy, So Raunchy, So Wrong

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 10, 2008

TASTELESS TRAVESTY: This Ukranian limousine reminds us of a 60-year-old actress with a mangled facelift. Or some scene in "Boogie Nights" where a rug-chested industry producer shows up at the pool party.

How would an operator even market this sleek hunk of skank: "A Tawdry Night with a Bawdy Driver?" "Archie Bunker's Everyday Limousine?" "Prom Dreams in Pyongyang?"

We must admit the lacy white curtains are a homey touch for those mobile peek-a-boo moments. Just draw open the curtains at sunrise and let the morning light shine on in! You'll be sure to outclass everyone when you pull up in this at a Motel 6.

 Enjoy more information, photos, and commentary on the stretch that makes you wretch.

posted by Martin Romjue

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