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Posted on April 4, 2008
DONE WITH DIAPERS: Our blog has finally made it beyond the toddler stage. We’ve figured out a few more things and added some features: 

1) We didn’t realize that your feedback comments were not posting properly. We took care of the blockage, and now you can instantly respond to any post. Whatever you sent before is now posted.

2) We’ve added some relevant links down the right side of the blog that provide a one-stop hub of industry information, advice, and business news. Check out some of the sites and blogs that can help keep you up to date. We are now worth at least a bookmark.

3) If you are interested in any past posts, they are listed in our archives in reverse chronological order.  This blog program does not allow "Previous/Next" functions .

4) To see our ongoing gallery of LOONY LIMOS, click on "Loony Limos" category. Most should be listed there.

 Thanks for all your patience. Now it’s on to our cyber-adolescence.

 -- The editor-bloggers

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