No Way To Treat a Limo

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 2, 2008


No one doubts that the comely bride of French President Nicolas Sarkozy -- the divinely charmed Carla Bruni -- would lack in the ability to teach any man how to treat a lady.

But does she really know how to treat a limo? A recent ad campaign by Italian carmaker Lancia features the model-singer-French First Lady attending a limousine funeral.

We at LCT Magazine must admit we greeted this with a bit of morbid trepidation, but then we plateaued and realized this spectacle is just derigueur drama from the Italians and declasse cultural triumphalism from the French.

We are confident that limousines will remain beloved worldwide, including among jet-setting Euro-celebs, regardless of how green the globe goes. So to Carla, and the deathly drama, and the Euro-weeniness, we just bemusedly say, C'est La Vie.

-- posted by Martin Romjue

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