Miles Per Keg?

LCT Magazine
Posted on March 31, 2008

By Martin Romjue

The latest addition to our ongoing "Loony Limos" gallery could actually achieve a balance of sorts: beer for fuel; no carbon emissions; and perpetually happy passengers who can exercise during their mobile happy hour(s).

But we wonder if the beer burps and belches are, um, green-friendly? And could the chauffeur effectively double as a server-bartender? We've heard of drinking and driving, but does this limo introduce the challenge of "serving and driving?" Is that even against the law?

Maybe an enterprising entrepreneur could add the Pedal Pub to a vehicle fleet with a modified swivel seat for the chauffeur-kegmaster. This boozer of a limo would do especially well in beachfront communities, and may be a safer, less rowdy alternative to bachelor party pilgrimages in a conventional stretch. You may read more about this Dutch innovation.

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