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Posted on March 28, 2008
The latest meeting of the National Limousine Association at the ILCT Show this month underscored its success in recruiting new members and strengthening its finances. At a time when the chauffeured transportation industry faces many challenges, the NLAs resources can be a major source of unity and focus for the industry. LCT contributing writer Jim Luff has a report from the NLA meeting. 

The National Limousine Association's annual meeting was filled with positive information about the growth and financial health of the organization.

Jeff Greene presided over his last and final meeting as the gavel was ceremoniously passed to incoming president, Richard Kane of International Limousine Service in Washington, D.C. Kane spoke briefly about his ambitions for the NLA and the continued growth trend.

Greene reported the NLA assets to be $1,162,716. This is a significant improvement over the $553,651 reported at the close of 2006.  The organization had just under $1 million in cash as the year came to a close. Greene attributed much of the financial health to the support of Ford-Lincoln which has contributed more than $250 million since 1991. This amount includes $139,200 in rebates contributed for vehicles sold to NLA members. Helping to offset operating expenses, Lancer Insurance provided $10,000 for travel expenses to the NLA during 2007.

Membership was also up with 2,534 members at the end of the year compared with 1,934 members in 2006.  With 600 new members, the voice of the industry becomes even more powerful with more than 25% of the industry seeking the representation of the NLA. This is the highest membership since the inception of the NLA in 1985.  In addition to individual memberships, there are now 31 state or local associations that belong to the NLA. The NLA has provided more than $75,000 in financial assistance to those associations.

Greene also promoted various discount programs designed to save operators money on everything from vehicle purchases to business cards and Sprint/Nextel products and services.  With even more benefits proposed for members, the NLA appears to be in a major growth mode for 2008.

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