Step Out Onto The Veranda. . .

LCT Magazine
Posted on March 27, 2008

By Martin Romjue

. . . For a relaxing freeway breeze awaits. We LCTers have seen a lot of limos, but this one threw us a bit.

The "Hummer for Summer" was spotted March 22 on the Ventura Freeway in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley. We have heard of Hummer limos offering "VIP Rooms" in the rear compartment for those passengers too special to hang with the J-seaters, but a canopied outdoor compartment is a new one for us.

This may add a touch of mobile front-porch elegance in a relaxing ride through the country, but on an L.A. freeway, we can only imagine the noise, the fumes, the commuter glares. And we wonder whether you can remove the canopy to accommodate a BBQ grill? If any of you operate a canopied Hummer, we'd like to hear from you. Please post your comments here at LimoLicious, where chauffeured transportation always gets a bit stretched.

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