Educational Opportunities Abound at ILCT

Jim Luff
Posted on March 20, 2008

Upon my arrival in Las Vegas, the first order of my day was cocktails with Sara Eastwood, publisher of LCT Magazine. We were accompanied by Scott Solombrino, former NLA president and current board member. Patricia Nelson, executive director of the NLA was there as well as Julie Hennesey, sales manager for LCT, and legends Joe Cirruzo Sr. and Dean Schuler. Just to sit and listen to these power hitters about the economy, the state of the industry, and industry issues, was a treat.

Later it was dinner with Tony Franzetti of Marriton Limousines in Austin. Also present at dinner was my fellow editor Wayne Blanchard, and Dean Schuler. Everything was great until the 12th shot of tequilia! Seriously, it was an enjoyable time to relax with friends and catch up on things. Sunday was spent with my friends Chris and Rob from Showcase Limousine in Boise, Idaho. Chris Bennett was a finalist for the Operator of the Year Award in the small size category, so obviously she was excited to be at the show. We were also joined by Erich and Debbie Reindl from Avanti Transportation in Houston, and Regina Doxey from VIP Limousine of Omaha. It is fascinating to be able to pick the brains of other operators. Sharing ideas makes the job we do easier by learning new things and sharing knowledge on issues.

Later, it was off to the Boston Coach affiliate dinner where scrumptious food and fun were on the menu. Held at ESPN Zone, we all got electronic cards that made any arcade game work as many times as we wanted. There was a whole lot of racing going on. Well, this was just the extra stuff! More soon on the official educational opportunities.

Jim Luff Contributing Editor
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