Lean Green Limo Of The Future?

LCT Magazine
Posted on March 14, 2008

By Martin Romjue

As the price of gas barrels toward $4 a gallon, pundits and pseudo-scientists predict global warming catastrophe, and inflation and falling housing prices nibble away at consumers, we can't help but wonder where limousines are heading.

This photo shows what could become the logical destiny of the limousine industry. Years of high-gas prices, green hysteria, and tightened budgets could take their toll. Not to mention any increased regulation and traffic limits.

Gone would be the days of sleek, leather-bathed comfort, convenience, and speed -- all experienced behind the anonymity of black tinted glass. Say, it won't be so!  How will Hollywood actresses bound for the Oscars and brides in billowing white navigate their draped finery amid the slavery of rotating sprockets? Will chauffeur qualifications include bench-pressing 400 pounds? Can you pedal effectively from a sideways J-seat? Oh, and all the sweat. . . would it be worse than the "alternative fuel" droppings from the horses n' stagecoach option?

Well,  if the world of livery glides from eras of horse-n-buggy, to combustion engine, to pedaled vehicles -- the interactive cycling among chauffeur and passenger at least would help diminish the obesity crisis in America and lower related health care costs.

So if one of your clients insists on a "green" limo, have a little fun and show up with this. Then record the reaction.

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