And The Bride Went Zoom

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Posted on March 12, 2008

By Martin Romjue

There’s no delaying honeymoon plans with this limo. Just buckle up and you’ll pull up to the hotel in a screeching roar. While the Ferrari limo could at first bust your company’s fleet budget, there are likely enough betrothed hipsters to make it cost-effective for the long haul.

This rocket of a rickshaw would fit into any Extreme Wedding services palette. But caution: While the Ferrari limo may give new meaning to the terms “whirlwind romance” and “roller-coaster marriage,” the belted bucket seats likely will deter any post-nuptial amorous advances at 170 mph.

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Some more facts about the fascinating Ferrari:

• The world’s fastest limousine can go from 0 to 60mph in less than six seconds

• It is made from a Ferrari 360 Modena chopped in half and stretched by 9.5ft with a section of hand-built carbon fiber

• It has a top speed of around 166mph - just 17mph less than the standard 183mph Modena

• The 20ft long car - which only seats eight people - is set to claim two Guinness World Records as the fastest limousine and the longest Ferrari


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