High-End Luxury Cars Becoming More Common in the Business

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Posted on March 10, 2008
By Jon LeSage


Not everybody is taken to the airport in a Town Car. Luxury sedans have increased in client demand, especially in some of the largest corporate markets like NYC, LA, and Chicago. The rates are higher than other sedans and the clients tend to be corporate execs, celebrities, and business owners.

The luxury cars presented here are the most common high-end chauffeured transportation models. Sure, there are other very expensive cars you don’t see listed, but the five models you can see here in the photos have more fleet presence in this industry.

 Audi A8L   Starting at $74,690 MSRP

The prices are more than double that of the most common Lincoln, Cadillac, and Chrysler sedans in this business. Luxury sedans are more in the range of many stretch limousines, though they can certainly be more expensive.

The sedans presented in this story mostly start-up in the $70,000 to $80,000 range on the retail level (MSRP). They usually sell at higher price levels, depending on the level of options chosen beyond the standard package. Prices may be positively influenced by fleet-sale discounts for chauffeured transportation companies, if they buy enough models to get a fleet deal.

BMW 750Li   Starting at $78,900 MSRP

There was no starting price listed for the Mercedes S550 like there is for the Audi, BMW, and Lexus models shown here. But the purchase price will be close to these other competitive models, depending on the options chosen.

Audi has taken an active presence more recently in our industry, attending shows, and becoming active. Attendees may see others come back and show off cars in the future, especially BMW and Mercedes, so stay tuned.

Maybach 62 is way up there in price compared to these other models – starting out at $386,500 MSRP. What would you charge for that rental to cover expenses and make a profit? Good question.

Lexus LS460 L   Starting at $72,000 MSRP 

 Maybach 62   Starting at $386,500 MSRP

Mercedes S550   $87,525 MSRP

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