Infinite Innovations Harnesses Continuous Creativity

Conor Izzett
Posted on September 1, 2008


Headquartered in Springfield, Mo., Infinite Innovations operates in a sprawling 54,000-square-foot warehouse, and has been a major industry player since its founding in 1987.


Celebrating more than two decades in the business, the company specializes in supplying parts and accessories to limousine builders and owners. It also has expanded into providing LED lighting to the U.S. military, and recently began distributing trailer parts and accessories nationwide under the Uriah Products brand name.


Infinite Innovations gained its reputation in the industry by serving limousine manufacturers as a central stocking warehouse for Ford and GM original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.


“We are also well known as the premier provider of metal stampings, exterior seals, and moldings, OEM interior trim, and LED lighting products,” President Bud H. Thomas says.



Thomas insists that while Infinite maintains a top-notch record and standing, its employees deserve credit for setting the company apart from the rest. “What differentiates us from other industry suppliers is our knowledge and experience,” Thomas says. “Infinite Innovations was founded by coach builders and is staffed with over 60 years of combined limousine manufacturing experience.” Thomas says although the company is primarily a supplier, its inside, hands-on knowledge and experience “gives us the kind of intimate understanding of limousines that just selling parts never could.”


The core of the staff includes Thomas, Johney Walker, limousine sales manager, and Tony Miller, director of marketing and advertising. Thomas says his team takes a different approach than that of his peers.


“We have a different business philosophy from many parts suppliers,” he says. “We focus on building long-term customer relationships instead of a high volume of one-time sales. We try to get to know our customers, their vehicles, and their unique needs.”


Thomas also knows that customer service isn’t enough. Over the long haul, the products simply must work. “Reliability has become even more critical with the recent economic slowdown,” he says. “Vehicles in disrepair don’t make money, so keeping them in top condition for as long as possible simply makes sense.”


Mixing a focus on old-school reliability with an eye for new innovations, Thomas and company are always looking for industry developments. “Tougher times also lead to tougher competition, so vehicles equipped with new and innovative extras can give a competitive edge,” he says.


But for Thomas, new kid on the block doesn’t equal flash in the pan. “Our products are selected for performance and reliability,” he says, “not just lowest cost, and we stand behind them.” 



Looking to the future, Infinite Innovations has responded to industry demands, especially in the ever-popular six-inch stretched sedans. They recently introduced the new OE Executive Desk. The functional, foldout design is sleek and thin, and is offered in several finishes to match most factory trim, including simulated leather, walnut burl, and Cadillac’s dark bubinga.


Infinite also offers new LED-based interior lighting products, including the fully integrated LED Party Light System. Later this year, the company will unveil its newly redesigned website.


Touting the largest limousine parts facility worldwide, Infinite Innovations has been in business longer than any other industry supplier, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


Although Thomas credits the company’s success to understanding its customers’ needs, it seems that the crux of that understanding is really their willingness to listen. “We’re constantly seeking to improve our products and our level of service,” Thomas says. “We depend upon feedback from our customers and the industry at large to do so.”

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