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Martin Romjue
Posted on January 15, 2020
The inside of a MOTEV Tesla Model X. Ride into the future with these companies. (LCT photo)

The inside of a MOTEV Tesla Model X. Ride into the future with these companies. (LCT photo)

We heard plenty about disruption in the last decade. The industry of 2020 looks markedly different than the one in 2010, when Uber and transportation network companies (TNCs) were exotic oddities.

Since then, we’ve seen faster turnover among industry vendors and companies given how technology by its nature mercilessly cycles innovators on and off the business scene. Although companies maneuver through a more uncertain and volatile marketplace and changes in consumer preferences, the concepts behind them can endure.

Other entrepreneurs pick up where a start-up company fails.
I’ve spotted six vendors to watch this year for how they are shaping and contributing to the luxury ground transportation industry. My mentions are not endorsements or favorites, but rather serve as examples of concepts that can help operations and their clients prosper.

GNet/GRIDD Technologies: Since it fully emerged in 2016, GNet has proven the most viable industry option for one booking and affiliate system. It enables on-demand and auto dispatch technologies to tap into a reservoir of shared fleet vehicles while aggregating fleet vehicles so on-demand providers can access any fleet technology. GNet provides affiliates and farm-outs/ins in real time, thereby freeing operators from the pressures of joining legacy affiliate networks. Owner Amir Zafar has developed a proprietary technology that ensures company and client data security, customized layers of privacy and access, and the checks and balances needed to maintain high integrity. (griddtechnologies.com)

Blacklane: This global luxury chauffeured app portal has beefed up its resources and service levels in the last three years as it eases booking and billing for luxury rides sought by corporations and business travelers. It also invites all types of fleet-size operators to gain business that helps fill down times and slow periods. Based in Berlin, Blacklane stays globally oriented with numerous partners in foreign countries. It has simplified service pricing by using one-quote all-in rates. (www.blacklane.com)

HYRYDE: In the same spirit as Blacklane, this standalone spinoff of the London, U.K.-based Reliance Group bills itself as the “NetJets of ground.” It roots its business model in advanced technology and customized luxury service that provides a legacy-level chauffeured experience. Owner Reza Choudhury has leveraged the logistics of his chauffeured and package delivery services to create the structure for HYRYDE. Look for a relaunch Feb. 16-19 at our International LCT Show in Las Vegas. (hyryde.com)

Volvo: This industry is a marketplace for all luxury vehicle brands, domestic and global. While all of them are innovating and advancing with ever-more sophisticated vehicles, Volvo’s recent messaging and vision captures much of what the luxury ground transportation industry can offer: Safety and practical affordable luxury. Volvo’s vision is to eliminate accident deaths in its vehicles through a combination of driver-assisted technologies and features in addition to its trademark ultra-strong vehicle structural design. The manufacturer only builds four-cylinder engines for all models that can be super-charged for added power. It’s moving toward more electric and hybrid fuel formats that minimize carbon and maximize mileage. When going up against the troubled TNCs, safety sells. (www.volvocars.com)

Super Max Motors: This Charlottesville, Va.-based bus and chauffeured vehicle dealership last quarter opened nationwide online auctions for a wide variety of used motorcoaches and buses. The 2010s was the “decade of the coach” for the chauffeured transportation industry as more operators succeeded in applying high-touch luxury service to bus trips. Super Max owner and longtime operator Dan Goff has enabled many of them to enter that sector with less expensive used coaches that help them minimize overhead as they take on more group transportation clients. (www.supermaxmotors.club)

MOTEV: One of the most original concepts in chauffeured transportation, this three-year old Los Angeles-based company is breaking new ground with its business model and eco-friendly approach. You can learn more about MOTEV in detail in the cover story on p. 6. The company uses electric and hybrid vehicles to serve a client base it knows very well. Its principals devote a lot of time to charity and community-based involvement and networking while following clear company values that resonate with clients. All while providing customized, concierge-level luxury service. (motev.com)

So what do these six companies all have in common? Like any business, they face competition, risks, and pressures, and do not have an exclusive on the concepts that drive their success. What they all do, as we cross the cusp of a new decade, is further empower luxury transportation operators. They democratize technology, access, and opportunity. Their concepts tear apart the old ways of doing and keeping business in this industry, and help build a broader, more diverse, and fairer market field shorn of clubby insider influences. Independence, flexibility, diversity, connection. Let these words launch the inclusive revolution.

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     | about 6 months ago

    Limos4 (www.limos4.com) is also well worth mentioning here.

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