Michigan Operator Makes Clients’ Big Day a Priority

Lexi Tucker
Posted on January 9, 2020
(L to R) Robert and John Guerrieri never lose focus on making a wedding day the best it can possibly be.

(L to R) Robert and John Guerrieri never lose focus on making a wedding day the best it can possibly be.


John Guerrieri, president, Dream Limousines, Inc., Detroit

Customer Service Centric

The company stresses it has CSRs who are knowledgeable about all aspects of operations and available during convenient hours that allow potential customers to visit and see the vehicles. They send confirmations, driver information, and GPS location. They also follow up post-trip to ensure it went smoothly. “Our chauffeurs don’t just open doors; they are a part of the client’s event and bring out their best for weddings. There’s nothing like pampering a bride on her wedding day. We do 1,000+ weddings a year, and it’s one of the reasons we have such a strong reputation. Our chauffeurs are working through the whole wedding, not just sitting in the car. Customer service is integrated in what we do day-to-day.”

Market Everywhere

Guerrieri is a “techie” who loves learning about new digital marketing avenues. “The real question is, what haven’t we implemented?” he jokes. From ads (Facebook, Google, Bing, LinkedIn), email and text marketing, and chat bots, he’s always staying ahead of the curve on meeting clients where they are most comfortable.

Discovering a Dream

After he rented sedans for a bachelor party, he became interested in the luxury ground transportation industry. His uncle, who owned a limousine service, suggested he pursue it. At 21, Guerrieri started with one. “I’ve always been into cars, and it excited me to do something involving vehicles,” Guerrieri says.

Fast Facts

Location: Detroit

Owners: John and Robert Guerrieri

Founded: 2006

Vehicle Types: Limo buses, shuttle buses, stretch SUVs and sedans, sedans, Sprinter vans

Fleet Size: 22

Employees: 34


Phone: (586) 463-7326

Starting Up

He put the biggest ad he could in the yellow pages and grew from there. “Every dollar I made I put back into marketing,” he says. He also had many friends in the wedding business who put him on their preferred vendor lists and worked together with him. He bought his first car for $10,000, using personal finance. In 2009, he acquired a six-car service and leased their vehicles. He discovered from this experience he hated leasing. “Some people may find it more beneficial, and I think it’s up to the individual’s situation, but it wasn’t the best option for us,” Guerrieri says.


You can’t start a company without a plan, so it’s vital to create one for your business. Set realistic goals for yourself and work toward them. It can be difficult trying to build a service alone, so find a mentor or Facebook group where you can ask questions and help others grow in turn.

Successful Endeavors

Guerrieri is proud his company has become the go-to for retail business — weddings in particular — in the area.

Future Plans

Since the company has been 100% retail, the next step is to take on some corporate work. “We are looking toward the future and have purchased shuttles. If those do well, we plan on branching out to mini-coaches and motorcoaches as well.”

Just for Fun

He loves to golf, travel, and explore fine restaurants.

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