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Lexi Tucker
Posted on November 9, 2019
Vince Robinson loves taking care of his clients and ensuring they have the best possible experience.

Vince Robinson loves taking care of his clients and ensuring they have the best possible experience.


Vince Robinson, managing director of RCS of London Ltd.

Serving Others

Vince Robinson enjoys helping create memories for his clients and adds value by making their journey safe and stress free through training. “We strive to make ourselves better every day, and never stop trying to reinvent ourselves.” He says “never lose sight of doing what made your clients use you in the first place by building trust and reliability.”

Around The World

When working with international operators, understanding differences in currency and time markers for conversions and bookings will help ease friction. “Often we have trips booked for the wrong day due to the flight being overnight,” he says. There are also variations in international standards of working such as running time, waiting time on arrivals, and similar local agreements that do not reflect local arrangements. A common international standard would help here. As with operators anywhere, treat everyone how you would want to be treated. “Keep the conversation going and discuss the differences like the partners you are.”

Lessons Learned

No client lasts forever. “I have worked for some of the top 10 richest people and businesses in the world either directly or indirectly. I learned anyone can change their mind. One size doesn’t fit all, and you can’t give everybody everything all the time.”

Fast Facts

Location: London

Owner: Vince Robinson

Founded: 1997

Vehicle Types: Mercedes S-Class, V-Class, and E-Class, Range Rover, motorcoaches

Fleet Size: 16, but can accommodate events up to 50 cars

Employees: 10, but varies with the seasons


Phone: +442035517127


Don’t underprice. “It’s a fast way to create new clients, but then you must pay your staff less and quality starts to diminish. Invest in the best as we do with our fleet, insurance, and training.”

Getting Started

When his father-in-law ran a small operation, Robinson started working with him and then others as an independent operator. He had his own website, and soon his personal clientele base grew. He knew if he catered to people who like the finer things in life, he’d be dealing with the kind of customers worth the level of service he was looking to provide.

Launching A Career

While he had a full-time career in engineering, he enjoyed looking after people and traveling. From ages 21 to 37, he chauffeured part-time, but it got to the point where he had to choose between one or the other. It came down to doing something he was passionate about as well as the question of working for someone else or himself. Naturally, he picked starting his own business. “I had some personal savings from working two jobs and leveraged myself,” he says. His first car was a Ford Scorpio and he switched to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class after the company took off.

Big Success

Maintaining high standards for as long as he’s been in business. “At RCS, we believe there’s value in what we do. It might be shrinking due to app-driven competition, so we add value through training and communicate this to our clients.” He and his team also keep advanced police standards of driving to ensure the safety of his customers. “It all adds up to investing in the client.”

Looking Ahead

Robinson will continue to keep a hold on and develop new market share as well as find new customers around the world.

Just for Fun

Robinson likes to cycle, socialize, eat, and keep himself healthy. “I enjoy traveling the world, as my office or car are not big enough. The world is a large place and culture changes and shapes your outlook.”  

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