Operation Boosts Business 35% On Strong Connections

Lexi Tucker
Posted on September 6, 2019
Basel and Riham Al-Nammari have worked hard to grow their fleet and maintain relationships with clients.

Basel and Riham Al-Nammari have worked hard to grow their fleet and maintain relationships with clients.


Basel Al-Nammari, president, Metro West Car Service, Marlborough, Mass.

Helping Others

A business requires many hours and much hard work. “Some people get mad or nervous when new operators show up in their area, but I think it’s good to have new faces and fresh minds. If you were not in the hot seat before, it challenges you to be a better business person,” he says. It’s good to have people next to you willing to help push you to the next step. You need to realize you can’t do everything by yourself and create a team that will encourage growth. “They shouldn’t be just anyone; they need to be people you can trust and are willing to go the extra mile.”

Customers Come First

Communication is vital. Being there as a business owner to help when needed proves you care about your clients. Following service standards you’ve promised will earn trust and loyalty. “From the time a client makes the reservation, to getting an email confirmation, to the chauffeur showing up 15 minutes ahead of time, to having mints, chargers, and other amenities, everything has to be consistent.” Anyone can pick up, drop off, and drive… it’s how you present yourself that differentiates you from the competition.

Sweet Success

Within the last year, the company has increased business about 35%. “We think it has everything to do with our levels of customer service, dedicated staff, and strong affiliate relationships.”

Getting Started

In 2012, he left the restaurant he owned. He was burned out growing up in the business and wanted to try something new and different. As an Uber driver, he learned the transportation business as he went, taking the concept of better customer service and applying it during his rides. Since starting his own company with one car, he has since grown to a fleet of 18.

Building Business

His first vehicle was a used 2014 Cadillac Escalade, which he bought for $30,000. It needed some TLC, so he fixed it up and put it to work. “I didn’t know how far it would go, but in my third year in business I tapped into the power of Google Ads, which helped us grow our initial client base,” he says. In turn, this opened other opportunities through word of mouth. He now works with hospitals and schools, as well as his returning loyal clients.

Lessons Learned

His challenges while running the business will hit home with other operators who have been through similar problems. Always get your money up front; there are too many affiliates that may burn you. He uses the Add.ons authorized capture feature to ensure he has the data he needs. “It enables us to send a client a credit card contract through Limo Anywhere, and everything comes back encrypted. We understand privacy is a big concern, but we also don’t want to be left without a payment.”

Market Smart

Al-Nammari uses social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with potential affiliates and clients. Being present online and in person lets people get to know who you are and helps spur referrals.

What’s Next

Further pursue shuttle and bus service. 

Just For Fun

He loves spending quality time with his wife Riham and kids, Celine and Adam.

Fast Facts

Location: Marlborough, Mass.

Owner: Riham and Basel Al-Nammari

Founded: 2012

Vehicle Types: Lincoln Continental, Lincoln MKS, Cadillac XTS, Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit, 28- and 37-passenger Grech minibuses

Fleet Size: 18

Employees: 21 chauffeurs, nine office staff members


Phone: (877) 693-7887

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