Pegasus Blends Three Brands Into One Go-To Operation

Lexi Tucker
Posted on August 28, 2019

The Pegasus crew broke ground on their new office space on Aug. 16.

The Pegasus crew broke ground on their new office space on Aug. 16.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Providing memorable experiences should be the focus of any luxury transportation company. After all, many clients are opting to spend their money on activities rather than material objects.

Operator Carey Fieldhouse recently positioned her company to provide transportation for corporate, retail, and group travel, as well as bourbon tasting events. She had separated her business into R&R Limousine, Cosmopolitan Coach, and Copper Still Tours; all of which served niche purposes. This year, she, along with her staff who she considers family, decided it was time to simplify with a rebrand, naming the combined companies Pegasus Chauffeured.

Making A Change

Fieldhouse says she’s known for years it was a change they needed to make. “I have to give my son Eddie Fieldhouse III credit for pushing for it,” she says. The world has changed since she bought R&R Limousine in 2003. The word “limousine” tends to evoke images of long, luxurious stretches, which now comprise only 10% of their fleet.

Carey Fieldhouse, owner of of Pegasus.

Carey Fieldhouse, owner of of Pegasus.

She knew they’d have to branch out, and developed a tourism department, Copper Still Tours. It became a successful, well-known brand in Bourbon tours. “We wanted to be able to position ourselves to expand into other areas and answering the phone with the proper name became an issue. My husband and I only had R&R Limousine business cards, which made promoting our other businesses difficult. It just got way too messy and became undefined,” she explains.

With the help a marketing company, she polled clients and employees to help decide if they preferred to be a “house of brands or a branded house.” Fieldhouse wanted to know and understand what they thought of the business and what was important to them. When she chose the rebranding route, the next step was crucial: Picking a new name.

Pegasus struck a cord with her, as it was like the name of her parents’ company, Pegasus Pedigrees, where they dealt with horses. “In Louisville, everywhere you go you’ll see horses. We felt it spoke to our city.” Louisville, of course, is home to the Kentucky Derby.

A Family Defined

The different services Pegasus provides hasn’t changed; they’ve just been more defined. The company emphasizes a family mentality. “We feel that’s something that sets us apart from our competitors. We see chauffeurs and employees as family, and that attitude extends to our customers,” she says.

The Pegasus logo is simple but makes a big impact.

The Pegasus logo is simple but makes a big impact.

“We’ve always thought of them this way, but we hadn’t really referred to them as such. After they were interviewed by the marketing company, their response to the question ‘what is important to you about working here?’ was, ‘we are a family, and we feel like we are treated as such.’”

The company’s motto, “the height of transportation and hospitality with a personal touch,” is lived, not just spoken. “Anyone can move someone from point A to B, but it’s about the hospitality that comes with it.” This extends to every kind of transportation they provide, whether it’s motorcoach charter service, large group transportation, or bourbon tours. They are always looking into what other services they can branch out into as well.

People First

The ground was broken on their new office building on Aug. 16, which will also be branded everywhere. From the cabinetry to the employee lounge and kitchen, everyone is all-in.

An artist rendering of the new Pegasus office.

An artist rendering of the new Pegasus office.

Fieldhouse says the focus will remain on her “family,” and the building was designed with them in mind. Every Friday they have a big cookout, and throughout the week people will bring in food for events like Taco Wednesday. The building will also feature a gym and ping-pong table. “We wanted to create a place for them to hang out and enjoy each other’s company.”

She has also implemented a new management team that came on board about a year ago. General manager Chris Hamburger and fleet and facilities manager Craig Karem both worked in the hospitality industry and have been critical in creating an environment even more focused on hospitality than in the past.

“You can go through a rebranding process and be sure you are heavily focused on hospitality, but if you have no one to implement that, your efforts are pretty pointless.  It takes a full and involved team to pull all this off.”

Fieldhouse says devoting more space to people than vehicles was her ultimate goal. “I’ve had people question me on that, but people are what make those vehicles move. Cars are made of metal; what’s most important to me is what’s inside our offices. You can’t just go out and buy new people.”

Roll Out

Her son Eddie is the marketing and media manager for the company and keeps up with trends. After the success with the bourbon tours he pushed them hard to pursue, he was vital in helping the switch to Pegasus happen. Also, Fieldhouse has younger staff members who are always privy to the latest travel and social media trends.

A Pegasus branded bus gets the companies name out and about.

A Pegasus branded bus gets the companies name out and about.

When they made the final choice to become Pegasus, they decided on a soft roll out. First, a giant poster with the new logo was presented to employees. Then, they made personal calls to their largest key clients. After reaching out to vendors, they revealed the name change to the rest of the world.

“Eddie set up a gathering of 30 social media influencers, whose combined followers add up to just over a billion. We traded service for exposure, and that was our first time doing something like that. We easily have enough content to keep people talking for over a year.”

Sedan Search

In addition to researching possible new revenue venues, Fieldhouse has been looking for the next best industry sedan. She has tested the Volvo S90 and says, “It’s a really awesome car. We saw it at the show for the first time and decided to give it a try. So far, it’s been well received. It’s even got an air-conditioned glove compartment to help keep our candy fresh.”

Fast Facts

Location: Louisville, KY

Owner: Carey & Eddie Fieldhouse          

Founded: 1995              

Vehicle Type: Motorcoaches, mini buses, limo buses, shuttle vans, luxury vans, sedans, SUVs, stretched limos

Fleet Size: 40

Employees: 80

Website: www.TakePegasus.com         

Phone: 502-458-1862

 — [email protected]

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