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LCT Magazine Adjusts To Digital Media Realities

LCT Magazine just got leaner, and we plan to stay that way. What’s happening you ask? Simple. The media world began changing already at the dawn of the Internet. LCT once opened every issue with a six-page news section called LimoScene. The problem was the “news” in print aged six weeks by the time of mailing due to the length of production, print, and mail time of each issue.

No Speed Limits

The speed of digital changed that. LimoScene, now called LuxScene, runs much shorter with a broader focus on stats and trends with only a handful of human interest items. Instead, we launched LCT E-News, now 13 years strong. Next up: More e-marketing, social media, video, podcasting, webinars, and e-books, and our ever growing live events.

People can now access information and make connections in so many ways, whether in small bites or expanded versions. They can read, watch, or listen to it. Media consumers seeking a specific issue or topic can look up the problem and find sources that will address it at length. Our website,, is a rich repository of topics that can be explored via search terms or by clicking on tags at the bottom of each article. That makes print less centric to our lives, but also deluges us with data to the point of bursting. Many of our avid LCT supporters tell me, “I save every issue of LCT, but it’s becoming harder to find the time to read anymore.”

A Stronger Mandate

So we have a new mandate at LCT. Most issue will be about 50 pages total, give or take a few, with pages split between content and ads. This is a good development.

First, LCT editors will have more time to develop growing areas of media content. Digital and events are the frontiers we are focused on. Smaller issues with pointed articles make reading faster and easier. We will not stuff our issues with fluff or extra ads. Many magazines use this trick to claim “bigger is better.”  

In fact, we know subscribers don’t want that. They prefer get-down-to-it content that solves business issues or presents tips to drive revenue. There’s no time for wasted space in our busy lives anymore. Our clients don’t want to work hard to find content, so stacking advertisements is a definite turn off.

Likewise, advertisers want exclusives. They want more bang for their buck, so less inventory is better value, hands down. Print lovers, fear not. It will continue to offer value wherever there is a physical customer presence. Print is a target-specific medium and will become moreso. It resembles a direct mail piece and is a vital part of a sales and marketing campaign. Image ads are key to branding. For advertisers, direct mail fits with our live events to pre-promote and follow up on happenings at our LCT events. It remains the best way to get the attention of operators, according to our 2017 LCT readership study.

Print In Its Place

Print complements digital by offering an alternative medium to connect with our audience on your terms. “Advances in technology like image recognition will enable print ads to be the first step in a seamless omnichannel brand experience,” says Patrick Niersbach of InContext Solution. Remember when stretch limousines dominated your fleet? Look at your garage now. You likely run one or two token stretches for those faithful clients who still ask for them. Maybe there will be renewed demand for the super stretch. But for now, you are chasing revenue GROWTH opportunities and putting your energies into reaching what’s popular and profitable.

So are we. LCT had a phenomenal year in 2018, but truth be told, print revenue lagged behind digital and events. It is expensive and clunky. Just like your customers, our clients are demanding speed of delivery, flexibility, and customization in how they receive our services and wanting to try new methods.

New Media Approach

We are gearing up to launch vodcasts, podcasts, and live streaming news and events. We are pushing content to all channels and focusing on doing so better and faster in the months to come. For me, we must respond to change at an outrageous pace. We deliver content in at least five different media forms per month, along with 24/7 stickiness on social media channels.

We’ve had to broaden our reach to partner with people like marketing expert Bill Faeth and motorcoach consultant Tom Holden to keep pace with industry developments. We’re strategically aligning with organizations such as the American Bus Association (ABA), Airport Ground Transportation Association (AGTA), TLPA (Taxi Limousine and Paratransit Association), and others. We’re recruiting more industry influencers than ever before and leaning on the vast resources of our parent company, Bobit Business Media.  

Our print magazine will be more refined, but it’s here to stay until you all tell us “no more.” Meanwhile, LCT will focus on delivering the most on-point content humanly possible.

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