10 Reasons Why LCT Shows Are Perfect For You

LCT always draws a good crowd of "investors." (LCT file photo)

LCT always draws a good crowd of "investors." (LCT file photo)

I started in this industry in 1991 as a trade show director and worked that role for three years before becoming publisher.

While I’ve taken on many new responsibilities since, my passion for and involvement with our trade events has only grown deeper.

Through all the industry and media changes over the decades, our shows stand bar none as the evergreen industry constant, fulfilling our universal business needs for face-to-face networking and marketplace dealing.

This year’s LCT-NLA Show East once again proves the worth of this industry venue. Over the years, I’ve sold, promoted, persuaded, and/or invited every vendor and attendee possible to join us in this adventure. While looking back at my ever-changing and exciting LCT career, and so many past columns and welcome letters, I’d like to call out 10 of the leading reasons why you should be attending:

1. Treasure trove: Shows provide you with the new ideas on how to position your operations. They help you figure out how you can improve your business model, employees, market area, and assets. Then, you can see what else is possible. We offer a treasure trove of opportunities here if you look for them.

2. Running stronger: Everything possible to help you run a stronger, more profitable business can be found at LCT East and the International LCT Show held each winter in Las Vegas (next up: March 24-27, 2019). The money you will save by educating yourself to run your business better can be the lifeline you are looking for.

3. They’re all here: Every international, national, and regional affiliate network comes to our events. If you are there to network and connect your business with others in the peer-to-peer marketing space, you’ll find plenty of host parties, networking functions, and private meetings.

4. Higher profile: LCT events are excellent places to build good will through sponsorships and the exposure they bring. Wearing a sponsor ribbon helps you stand out against the thousands of other attendees and gives you branding advantage.

5. Confidence builder: I like to think our shows take wallflowers and turn them into budding entrepreneurs. What better way to hone your conversational skills, in-person sales pitch, friendship-making, public speaking, and overll confidence than to immerse yourself in an environment for three days where you MUST meet new people and SPEAK UP? Your business depends on it.

6. What’s your story? Trade shows are more than professional gatherings. They are also a collection of stories. You have a business story, as does every attendee. You can tell your story and hear those of others. Such peer-to-peering sharing is inspirational and enlightening. I love the energy that comes from an industry where operators and vendors can honestly share their struggles and challenges, and draw strength from each other.

7. Giving back and getting more: You advance the causes and interests of this industry. Our shows are co-produced with the National Limousine Association, which is our leading national advocate in complex and sometimes hostile regulatory and competitive environments. I couldn’t even begin to list all the ways the NLA has helped protect and promote luxury transportation operations. LCT generously donates a portion of show pass and badge revenue from these events right back to the NLA, which generously plans and programs our highly useful educational sessions.

8. Client connections: LCT shows bring sales leads and connections to our supplier clients. Part of what makes our world go ‘round is keeping the industry healthy. You must have reasons to buy and you must have enough faith in your company and industry to feel confident investing in your businesses. Our shows make commerce economical.

9. Recognition matters: While we receive no financial gain to create, manage, and produce the annual People’s Choice Awards and Operator of the Year Awards, these programs and celebrations pay back in spades by always raising the bar for industry achievement and performance. Most of us are learning this business organically, adopting what others do in our quest to succeed. To be our best, we have to walk the walk by investing in recognition to create and inspire role models for others.

10. Hope ahead: You connect the details of daily operations with the wider industry and economic pictures. Shows help you make sense of — and stay ahead of — all the mega- and micro-trends affecting your business. In a world that can produce a lot of negativity, these shows always remind us our best days are to come, as long as we remain focused on strong customer service and high quality performance in everything we do.

Planning and leading these shows for 27 years has far and away been one of the most positive experiences I’ve had serving you. I want to reaffirm my message to you as we head out of 2018: Believe in yourself, your company, your people, and your service. Stay focused and tune out the noise. Thank you for so many spectacular memories and ones to come. Me and my LCT team salute you.


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