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15 Major Trends In Business Travel For 2018

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Posted on August 6, 2018

Mobile booking is on the rise

Mobile booking is on the rise

Increase in bleisure travel

Bleisure travelers aren’t just Millennials. Business people of all ages are extending business trips into mini vacations…if their company’s travel policy allows it.

Mobile booking on the rise

79% of mobile travelers completed a booking on their smartphones in 2017, up from 70% in 2016, according to Google.

Live chat capability on websites

People still want to be able to speak with a human being…just not over the phone. They like having an instant reply to a specific question without being put on hold. 79% of businesses that offer live chat have seen higher sales, revenue, and customer loyalty, according to a survey conducted by Kayako.

Cybersecurity concerns

Today’s business travelers often come with important data. Hackers are no longer something you only find in fiction, so corporate travelers will be looking for secure WiFi and Bluetooth connections, as well as a safe place to keep their electronics.

Airbnb rising in popularity for business travelers

The site recently launched a separate booking site for businesses that features “work-ready” homes. As bleisure travel increases, people are looking to stay in places that don’t make it feel like they are traveling for work.

Hotel pricing increases

Hotel pricing increases

Bumps in hotel pricing

The 2018 Global Travel Forecast shows hotel prices are expected to rise by 3.7% this year, with Europe seeing the steepest increases. Hotels are also starting to move away from fixed, corporate rates to dynamic pricing models.

Steady airline prices

Flights will be a lot more crowded due to affordable airfare.

Further development in AI

While AI still has a long way to go, it has the potential to save a lot of time and money. The technology will help travelers make quick purchase decisions, check itineraries, and keep up to date on corporate travel policies.

More flexible corporate travel programs

As more Millennials enter the workforce, work-life balance will become a bigger concern to employers. Expect to see more businesses offering flexible options for their business travelers.

TNCs becoming preferred choice

The main traits business travelers look for in transportation are dependability, timeliness, and cost. Related industries should be finding ways to appeal to these desires.

Mobile payment options are becoming more common

Mobile payment options are becoming more common

Mobile payment options becoming more common

Apple Pay, Venmo, and other digital methods of payment are steadily on the rise due to convenience. Research by the DCC Forum shows 51% of business travelers believe all payments will be made via mobile in the next decade.

Social media will reign

Business travelers are sharing their experiences on the road now more than ever thanks to the myriad of social networks available to them.

Trending back to face-to-face meetings

People realize the impact in-person human interaction can have on success. Face-to-face requests are 34 times more powerful than text-based ones, according to an article in Harvard Business Review. As airfare prices decrease, more business travelers will be able to network one-on-one.

There's an increase interest in safety - in the real world and digitally

There's an increase interest in safety - in the real world and digitally

Increased interest in safety

Whereas bad weather and car accidents used to be a main concern, more serious possibilities like terrorist attacks and cybersecurity issues have become bigger fears with employers. Companies are looking for businesses that take duty of care seriously.

Fewer perks for frequent travelers

Many of the major airlines are making it much harder to reach elite status due to flight affordability.

This article has been adapted from a piece titled “Business Travel Trends to Watch in 2018” from ParkDIA user Mike.

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