Philadelphia Operator Perseveres, Adapts, And Survives

Lexi Tucker
Posted on May 2, 2018

Previte is proof no matter how hard times get, a good attitude and grit will get you through anything.

Previte is proof no matter how hard times get, a good attitude and grit will get you through anything.

Who: Tony Previte, president of Dynasty Limousine

Success story: Being around for 20 years in this industry is a big accomplishment. “This journey has showed me I can survive the hard times and come out stronger than ever before,” Previte says. After making it through 9/11 and the recession, he believes he can make it through anything. “Luckily I had reserves to back me up during those times, but it definitely taught me to prepare for unexpected future tragedies.”

Wise words: Attending tradeshows to gain valuable info from industry leaders is a must. It’s important to be honest. “Don’t try to be someone you’re not,” he says. He especially enjoys going to mentoring events. This is how he met Robert Alexander of RMA Worldwide Transportation in Rockville, Md. Alexander taught Previte everything your chauffeurs do should be consistent for every ride.

Fast Facts

Location: Philadelphia, Penn.

Owner: Tony Previte

Founded: 1997

Vehicle types: Sedans, SUVs, stretch limo, limo bus

Fleet size: 7

Employees: 9

Website: www.dynastylimopa.com

Phone: (610) 363-0962

Satisfying customers: Giving each client a personalized experience has helped set Dynasty apart from other companies in the area. “I never refer to them as a number; I call them by their name. It makes it a normal, personable experience instead of just a transaction,” he says. “We also try to learn the preferred routes to the airport, the kind of water they like to drink, as well as their birthdays so we can send them birthday cards.” Previte keeps all of his vehicles spotless, provides professional, trained chauffeurs, and accommodates additional stops when clients desire them. “Our biggest customer service success has been switching over from email to sending text messages with chauffeur updates. Customers love it because it’s so much more convenient.”

Selling the brand: When marketing, Previte uses pay-per-click and Facebook ads with techniques he’s learned from Bill Faeth. He also goes to bridal shows, and uses an outside marketing company to handle his SEO. “Often, retail clients want things to be cheap. It’s not unusual for them to use a different company and then come back because they realized they get what they pay for here at Dynasty.”

Building the business: The company was started with $50,000. This included attorney fees, the purchase of a used 1993 Kristal Coach 85-in. stretch limo, and office odds and ends like a phone and desk. He started to get the word out through yellow pages, and eventually, his clients’ rave reviews.

Previte with his dog Bailey

Previte with his dog Bailey

Learning from mistakes: In the beginning, Previte was approached by someone who was fired from another company who promised him tons of business. “Being naïve, I agreed to it without getting anything on paper, and got stuck with vehicles I didn’t need,” he explains. Previte has learned a lot since then, and was able to make those cars work as a valuable part of his fleet.

Getting started: Previte started Dynasty on Oct. 31, 1997 as a side business on the weekends. After doing numerous weddings, proms, and nights out, he understood he was losing way too much money during the week without corporate work. Two years later, he quit his job as a banker and took on luxury transportation as his full-time job.

Two steps ahead: Previte plans on growing his affiliate network and getting into larger vehicles like minibuses. “I get called for 25 passengers and up quite frequently, and I’m looking to acquire more corporate accounts.”

Downtime: Previte has a house at the shore and likes to relax at the beach. 

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Lexi Tucker Senior Editor
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  • Barb Bristol

     | about 2 years ago

    I've been using Dynasty for years lining up rides to/from the airport for corporate guests. Tony is so nice, so accommodating, and has never let me down. Glad to see you getting this recognition, Tony and thanks for all you do for XL Catlin! You're the best.

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