How To Prepare A Casino Proposal

Jim Luff
Posted on April 5, 2018

While it might be likely a casino is already working with another partner, never be afraid to submit a proposal to a casino. You never know if they might be unhappy with their provider or see better value in using your company. This guide can help you prepare a proposal. Make sure to print it on letterhead paper with your logo and present it in a nice folder. Ideally, you should get an appointment and present your proposal in person. Even if you can’t get a meeting, at least get it into the right hands.

The Right Hands
So many people could be considered the right person to deal with at a casino. Find out if the casino has a transportation department, often known as the “bus department.” Another good choice would be the marketing director of the casino. Tasked with creating fun and exciting ways to get people into the casino, your proposal might be just the ticket the marketer needs. The general manager would be a good bet as well, but probably hard to access. There is usually a separate casino manager who would also be a good contact. As a last resort, try to get with a casino host. These are the people responsible for dealing with “whales” — people who regularly gamble big dollars at casinos.

Proposal of Services
Use a very simple statement such as: ABC Limousines hereby agrees to provide transportation to XYZ Casino and/or its affiliates, guests, artists, or associates commencing on May 1, 2018 and continuing service as long as requested until modified by a new proposal or rate adjustment.

Days and Hours of Service
Spell out when you are available to provide service and list any exclusions you might want to impose. Here’s an example: Service can be provided 24/7 except for New Year’s Day and Christmas Day.

Vehicles Available
Provide a list of all vehicles you offer and their passenger capacities. Add a disclaimer: We reserve the right to substitute vehicles in the event of mechanical failure or the need to perform routine maintenance on our vehicles.

Offer something that makes your vehicle better such as snacks. Note some Indian reservations do not allow alcohol on the premises. Make sure you check. Here’s an example: “Our vehicles are stocked with complimentary soft drinks, bottled water, and champagne. Morning trips include bagels, muffins, and fresh fruit as well as coffee service. Afternoon and evening trips include chips, peanuts, and fruit.”

Marketing Support and Promotional Discounts
Offer to help promote the casino through your own channels with a statement like this: “In realizing the efforts of marketing, we will reduce the fees contained in this proposal by 50% to support your marketing efforts and enhance our own by inclusion of our name in your radio, TV, or in-house promotions. To receive this promotional rate, our name/logo shall be included in all print, radio, and TV advertising as a sponsor or co-sponsor of the event. Each promotional discounted ride must be pre-approved in advance.”

In this area, you will provide pricing for each type of vehicle offered above. This pricing can be based on a flat rate, an hourly rate, or whatever works best for your business. The pricing should easily allow the casino management to determine exactly what a trip will cost them.

Service Charges
If you add a service charge or gratuity, spell it out like this: “A 20% service charge is added to all totals. This service charge allows us to properly compensate all team members such as reservationists, detailers, and chauffeurs. Our chauffeurs do not solicit or expect gratuities from your guests.

Payment Terms
Spell out the terms of payment. For example: “All trips will be invoiced to you the next business day. Terms are Net 10 days from the date of the invoice. Please note we are unable to carry balances and bill merely as a convenience to our customers. For your convenience, trips may be billed to credit cards left on file.”

Spot Tip: The most vital clauses of a contract are about rates and gratuities to be charged and payment methods.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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  • Anthony

     | about 2 years ago

    Years ago we had the casino "pechanga" call us to get prices and to pick up their vip customer in n.b. They wanted an suv limo and we had a new 180" escalade fully loaded. We could not come to an agreement with the price since they wanted a huge discount and unfortunatelly we did not feel that giving away the vehicle and service was in our interest. We took the call as a positive that someone had refered us but we could not match the very low rate another operator was giving them with an older vehicle. Our thoughts were, if we have the best service and best vehicles then you must pay the rate

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