Stop Managing Time. Start Managing YOU!

Billy The Coach
Posted on March 23, 2018

Time has been around since the beginning of…..well, you know. But time remains a total scientific mystery. Our knowledge of time is so miniscule that every scientist on Earth will agree we have little understanding as to its origin or purpose. We can talk about it. We can measure it. We can comprehend the difference between early and late, but at the end of the day, time is one of nature’s most closely guarded secrets.

Nonetheless, a Google search of time management generates over 140 million results.

Let’s be honest. We have very little understanding of time, never mind the ability to manage it. But this much we do know.

The singular point at which time and human intelligence interact is called NOW. It is the only point. At breakfast it was now and when you go to bed it will be now. Everything that happens in between will happen in a space called now. Every decision you’ve ever made was made there. Every victory and every success, all joy and agony unfolds there.

Can you recognize the deception that time requires managing? Time is a constant. There’s no such thing as more or less. Everybody gets the same share. There is nothing to be managed because it’s always the same. From our human vantage point, there is only now. That is all you need to know about time.

What needs managing is not time, but you; specifically how you manage what you are doing in that space called now.

Are you reading this article within a designated reading time or while goofing off because the boss had a funeral to attend? The time is always now. The variable is always you.

When the time comes to dig your heels in and make 25 sales calls every day, the time will always be now. The thing that needs managing will always be you.

When it comes time to fire an employee who should have been fired long ago, the time will always be now. The person that needs to execute will always be you.

No matter the task, the time will always be now. That won’t change.

Recognize the challenge is to manage you, and there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

How can you excel at managing you while freeing yourself from managing time?

Start by realizing it’s always now. Accept it as a capital “T” Truth and then let it go forever.

When it’s time to set your schedule for next week, manage you. When it’s time to have your first vacation in 10 years, manage you.

When it’s time, skip the fast food drive-through and check the time. What a surprise! It’s now. Check the variable. It’s you. And if you find yourself gorging on french fries anyway, the time to do better will be now. The only person who can make it happen will be you.

Plan wisely. Execute consistently. Improve constantly. Think positively. Let’s give the idea of time management the honorable burial it deserves next to the Earth is flat and women can’t vote. The future belongs to those who have learned the futility of managing time and the value of managing themselves.

Executive Health Strategist Billy The Coach partners with time-challenged professionals to reengineer the relationship between their personal health and professional careers. The resulting balance creates the optimal environment for achieving the highest levels of long-term success. Learn more at www.billythecoach.com

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