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Lexi Tucker
Posted on March 21, 2018

(L to R): Chrissi Tessaro, Kelly Alderete of The Driver Provider, and Bill Faeth of Limo University became fast friends who provided Tessaro with some very valuable insights.

(L to R): Chrissi Tessaro, Kelly Alderete of The Driver Provider, and Bill Faeth of Limo University became fast friends who provided Tessaro with some very valuable insights.

Who: Chrissi Tessaro, owner, Bakersfield Limousine and Transport, Bakersfield, Calif.

Wise words: Always be prepared for the unexpected, Tessaro says. “It seems as though this business changes quickly, and one day can be very different from the next.” She also encourages new operators to join the National Limousine Association and attend LCT Shows to meet others. “Join mentoring programs when you can because most people in this business are extremely helpful and will readily give advice if you just ask for it.”

Success story: Since taking over the company, Tessaro has grown revenue by 10% in the first year. She began her training in the later months of 2016, but officially took over as owner on Feb. 1, 2017. “I sat with the former owners and shadowed them to ensure a smooth transition. With people like Bill Faeth, Jim Luff, Johnny Donohoe, Ken Carter, and many more, I was able to get to where I am today.”


Location: Bakersfield, CA
Chrissi Tessaro
Vehicle type:
Sedans, SUVs, limousines, mini-buses
Fleet size:
Website: www.bakersfieldlimoservice.com

(661) 326-8130

Lessons learned: “When I first started, I spent a lot of money on Facebook Ads, but was using them ineffectively because I didn’t know anything about targeting,” she says. Because she wasn’t seeing impressive ROI, she spoke to others in the industry and joined Bill Faeth’s Limo University. “I was able to learn how to put my advertising dollars to work more efficiently.” She also made use of the NLA’s mentoring program, where she met Johnny Donohoe, president of Sterling Limousine & Transportation Services in Wrightstown, Pa., who has helped her a great deal.

Customer satisfaction: At Bakersfield Limousine and Transport, everyone is treated like a VIP, no matter if they are a corporate client, headed to their Quinceañera, or on their way to a prom or wedding. “We want everyone to feel as if they are getting a truly exclusive and personalized experience. When someone calls, we want them to feel like they matter and we care; we want them to be comfortable coming back to us in the future.”

Getting started: Tessaro bought an already established limousine company in Bakersfield called Vintage Limousine. She came from a transportation background in trucking, where she “did the same thing, but with freight, not people,” and therefore thought it’d be a good fit for her.

Building the business: She used a lot of personal savings and small loans to start Bakersfield Limousine and Transport. The first thing she did was refresh the company’s fleet. A new Cadillac CT6 and Lincoln MKTs were added to keep affiliates happy with up-to-date vehicles.

Two steps ahead: In the future, Tessaro would like to continue to grow and better serve the limo community by being as helpful to others as they were to her.

Downtime: In her free time, Tessaro enjoys spending time with her family and reading every LCT magazine from cover to cover. 

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