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A World Of Possibilities Awaits At The ILCT Show

If you’re an LCT showgoer, you know each year we create a theme for the event we believe fits the mood of the industry and one that carries a relevant message.

This is the year the International LCT Show challenges you to tap into a world of possibilities. We can agree the headlines reminding us of change have been relentless — everything from up-to-the-minute speculation on the fate of Uber to the coming of autonomous cars. Don’t be tempted to react with fear.

New ideas and changes in how we think and behave almost never happen absent pressure and discomfort. So what you need to do is look at your business model, your people, your marketplace, and all of your assets, and then determine what else is possible. There is a treasure trove of opportunities if you look for them; I promise you. And don’t be afraid to fail at an idea. Try things. I read an article recently about the founder of MapQuest. It took him nine years to figure out how to make his idea work. Like virtually every entrepreneur I can think of, he failed over and over before getting it right.  

There is no industry experience like our international event, coming to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas March 11-14 ( It’s the largest new product rollout in the world with a breathless amount of vehicle unveilings and tech launches. Everything imaginable to help you run a stronger, more profitable business is being demonstrated by its creators. The money you will save by educating yourself on everything possible to run your business better can be the lifeline you are looking for.  

The International LCT Show attracts a huge crowd. It’s the largest gathering place under one roof — the global population of luxury coach operators. The Show attracts the most young hopefuls too, including our entire Fast 40 group (operators under 40), more than 500 first timers, business start-ups, and thousands of generational operators.

Every international, national, and regional affiliate network comes to Las Vegas, and they host parties, networking functions, private meetings, etc. If you are there to network and connect your business with others in the peer-to-peer marketing space, this is like shooting fish in a barrel.  

The bus industry has arrived at our doorstep and we are welcoming them with open arms by creating a show within a show called the Motorcoach Pavilion. The American Bus Association continues to engage bus operators at our events with their Bus Clinic sessions, and only in Las Vegas do we honor the operators of the year, including the Global/International Operator of the Year Award and the Motorcoach Operator of the Year Award, at the glitziest evening event — our own version of the Academy Awards.   

For more than 30 years, the National Limousine Association has partnered with us to help create an educational conference that’s top flight, and this year is no exception. The NLA has reinvented the way information is delivered to you. There are many more discussion groups instead of traditional classroom style instructions. There is A LOT packed into a tight schedule, and the only challenge for you is making choices because every topic is spot on.

I am asking you to come explore the “World of Opportunities” we have culled just for you and the health of your business. I ask you to please come to the opening State of the Industry presentation I personally work on for many months just for you. It’s information intended to make your path to success easy.

With all our hearts, we at LCT want to lead the industry into the most profitable year ever. We don’t just believe — WE KNOW — there is BIG money to be made. Let’s do this!

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