The Static Wasteland Of A Motionless Life

Billy The Coach
Posted on February 8, 2018

Here’s a good tip for anyone seeking greater consistency in their exercise program in 2018 (which hopefully includes you, me, and everyone we care about in this world).

But before I share it with you, let me clarify what I’m about to tell you is not easy, but brutally simple. Here it is:

Commit! Do it right now. Either to yourself or out loud, declare RIGHT NOW, once and for all, that physical fitness is the highest priority in your life. That’s right…#1!

As I said, it’s not easy is it? But as I also said, it is brutally simple. Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait. Do it right now!

Commit bigger than you ever have before. Commit more sincerely than you ever have before. In doing so, you will accomplish 80% of the work required to be physically strong and mentally sharp. The other 20% simply comes down to execution.

Be brave enough, bold enough, sick-of-your-own-excuses-enough to acknowledge that physically fit is the singular, acceptable condition in which your life should be lived. You know it’s true.

Through the biggest, most bad-ass declaration of commitment you can muster, liberate yourself right now from the exhausting and futile process of trying to deny it’s not true.


Even if you feel like you’re just lying to yourself, say it out loud and tell me it doesn’t feel good to hear those words come out of your mouth. Of course it does, because it feels good to free yourself, even temporarily, from the repetitive, depressing stream of excuses that have prevented you from saying it in the past.

But wait a minute!!! The highest priority in my life? Seriously? Yes.

Because when you scrape away all the distractions, stop the incessant whining, unsubscribe from the nonsense and ditch all the excuses, even if for a moment, what you feel shining through is the undeniable reality that everything in your life depends on the integrity of your physical and mental state.

Every goal, every task, every relationship, every effort, every dream, every setback, every purpose, every promise, every illness, every injury, every failure, every victory, and even every memory in your head will be the eventual beneficiary or victim of your physical condition.

The muscular functioning which nourishes the physical body is the singular source of the miraculous elixir which intoxicates the brain with energy and the mind with power. But in the static wasteland of a motionless life, the body is the first to whither, the brain falls into decline, and the God-like brilliance of the human mind is extinguished in the final spasm of the avoidable destiny we chose for our life.


Not easy, but simple. Commit now. Do it. Feels good doesn’t it? It’ll feel even better once you get into the habit. The stone cold truth is doing the hard work of health is the highest expression of gratitude for the life we possess, and the greatest example we can give to those we love. 

Executive Health Strategist Billy The Coach partners with time-challenged professionals to reengineer the relationship between their personal health and professional careers. The resulting balance creates the optimal environment for achieving the highest levels of long-term success.               

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