Your Frame of Mind: Right or Random?

Billy Sheehan
Posted on December 8, 2017
(Pexels.com photo by MockupEditor.com)

(Pexels.com photo by MockupEditor.com)

Now for some serious good news.

It’s only about a month until the beginning of 2018. Based on, let’s see…..JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING that happened in 2017, one might confidently expect 2018 will be one helluva show.

The momentum of emerging technologies, science, global business, social media, social movements, and everything that will follow is simply awesome. Like death and gravity, technology has claimed its rightful seat at the human condition’s table of permanence.

The planet is now a local marketplace. 70 is the new 40. Would you bet against condos on Mars? Imagination is the final limitation.

If it all seems a bit overwhelming at times, as if the laws of nature were designed to prevent you from keeping up, there’s another law of nature you need to know about. It’s one as powerful as any, and it’s there for you to use anytime you want, as often as you want.

Attractive Opposites
It is the law of oppositional forces, or the law of opposites. It is the greatest ally of human success. It is the mother of perspective. Once you understand the law of opposites, you have prepared yourself to win to the best of your ability.

There can be no life without death. No light without dark. There can be no silence without noise. No love without hate. No abundance without scarcity. No victory without defeat. No health without sickness. No joy without despair. No love without loneliness. No acceptance without judgement. No time without no time.

Why this is the nature of things is secondary to the realization that this IS the nature of things. And it is through this realization of the law of opposites that we get to choose a right frame of mind or a random frame of mind.

A right frame of mind exists through intentional design. It is the one we choose. A random frame of mind takes the place of the one we failed to choose. Not rocket science.
From every pain there is relief. The mindset of winning is the opposite of not losing. To avoid risk is the greatest risk of all.

For every act of terrorism or violence by the minority, the majority creeps ever-slowly forward to the higher ground of civilized life. For every need that becomes greater, there is a solution which becomes more valuable. Only those knocked down master getting back up.

New Mind For 2018
So think about preparing for 2018 this way: I will welcome challenge and adversity. Without them, I could not grow. I will welcome sadness. It is my guarantee of happiness.

Accepting the harsh unfairness of life does not mean surrendering to it. It overcomes it.

And when you are caught up in the swirling currents of anxiety, frustration, and pain that await each of us, you should remember one of the greatest opposites of all. That there is something most uncommon within the most common of us all: The one-of-a-kind way upon which we view ourselves and our world; the ability to carry on and endure; to adapt and overcome.

We CHOOSE the unique frame of mind, and all that flows as a result.

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