4 Ways To Get More Hires In A Tough Job Market

Jim Luff
Posted on December 4, 2017

Recruiting chauffeurs has become one of the biggest challenges of operators from coast to coast. Resources such as your website and even confirmations can help you recruit new talent. Your prime recruiting target is Millennials, so you must focus on how they look for work.

Using Your Website

You never know who is visiting your website and why. In the modern electronic world we live in, commerce is conducted online. That includes searching and applying for jobs, and in some cases even interviewing online using Skype or Facetime. Your website is a perfect place to advertise positions available within your company. A simple button added to your site such as “View Job Opportunities” just may be the ticket for landing a new dream employee in a highly competitive marketplace. You can take it a step further and add some artwork to your homepage showing a chauffeur next to a vehicle with the words “Now Hiring” displayed. Add a landing page that takes potential candidates directly to an application form. Set up an automatic notification to your email so the moment an application is submitted online it ends up in your inbox.

Online Applications

Online applications are the preference of Millennials, and let’s face it, Millennials now comprise the largest segment of society in the workplace and have fully embraced technology and expect progressive companies to use it. If you are behind on recruiting methods, your company may be viewed as antiquated, and as a result, potential applicants may decline. We need them more than they need us, so we must adapt to their methods for seeking employment. Be sure to include a method for applicants to upload a resume as well, but don’t make a candidate do both. It’s redundant, and Millennials prefer simplicity.

Using Confirmations

While it may seem unconventional, why not consider using recruitment messages on confirmations, both written and electronic? You never know who might be looking for a new job or a new part-time job, and your customers certainly know what is expected of their chauffeurs. If they aren’t looking for a job themselves, they might know someone who is looking. Consider this a pre-screen as they are not likely to refer someone who isn’t qualified for the job. How many times have you been behind a big-rig on the road advertising for drivers? Some go as far as sharing their salaries and other information about the job. We must explore all methods of reaching potential employees. Advertising through your channels is certainly cheaper than using sites such as monster.com that require payment and are less likely to deliver the candidates you are looking for.  It’s bound to be better than Craigslist.

Using Video To Make It Vivid

Video has become the go-to way for gaining attention on Facebook and YouTube. Consider using employees to provide video testimonials of what it’s like to work for your company. You could also do a brief infomercial and take prospective employees on a digital tour of your facility while sharing the advantages of working there, pay information, benefits, and other points that might sell an employee on working for your company. You could also explain how to apply online and the job requirements.

Remember to keep your video brief. Most people will have a maximum attention span of three minutes in watching a recruitment video unless you manage to make it ultra-exciting. If you use employees for testimonials, keep it to a maximum of two employees and no more than 20-30 seconds each. They should be dressed in the manner in which you expect. Chauffeurs should be in a coat and tie, and office employees in appropriate attire.

Most smart phones will produce a beautiful video, so there’s no need to rent expensive equipment or hire a production company. Take a moment to script it out before you begin your production so you have a good flow and you’ll be a great producer in no time.

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