Creating Community & Charity Team Spirit

Jim Luff
Posted on August 1, 2017

Getting involved in community charity events can benefit your business. By assembling a team from your company, you can help the charity while marketing your services. Millennial employees love to be a part of a movement. They will roll up their sleeves to belong to anything good.

What Types of Events?

Volunteers organize most charity events. You can never have too many hands working one. From festivals to fishing derbies, there is something for everyone. If you see an ad for an upcoming charity event, call the group and ask if they need help. A typical event could use bartenders, food servers, trash monitors, ticket takers, ticket sellers, and other jobs. Tell the organizers how many people you can provide and make your company available.

Presenting To Your Staff

Never try to force volunteer work on people. It can be construed as a work assignment rather than a true free choice. Share your enthusiasm of the charity group with your staff. Let them know who will benefit and why your company is involved. If you support a charity that does business with you, it’s even better.

For instance, if you provide rides for Make-A-Wish and they have a fundraising event, you can tell your staff you are enhancing a client relationship. Ask your staff to complete a short questionnaire about jobs that may interest them (such as bartending) and the specific skills they would like to offer at an event.

Spot Tip

Look for charities you are passionate about

Marketing Your Company

Consider investing in T-shirts with your company logo and ask your employees to wear them at the event. If it’s more formal, consider nice polo or button-down shirts. Create-A-Card, an industry marketing company, offers a full line of logoed casual wear. 

Send an email or social media message to your local news outlets about what your company is doing. They just might send a reporter out to cover your efforts. That makes your company look like a wonderful community citizen. If a program will be provided to participants, ask if your logo can be included in exchange for the manpower. Most charities would find this request to be reasonable and include it. Ask if you can park some vehicles to display at the event.

The Camaraderie

When your crew works together on a charity project, it brings them closer together and makes them feel satisfied. This strengthens the working relationships of your team when they return to the office. They will gain a sense of team accomplishment. Millennials find community projects like these to be rewarding, and the company enjoys the advantages of true team spirit on and off the job and a camaraderie that exceeds that of being co-workers.

Connecting With Charities

If you want to find some local causes in your community, check Eventbrite.com and Guidestar.org. Local charities frequently use Eventbrite to sell tickets to their events. Find something appealing to you. Guidestar.org is an organization that tracks and monitors charities and assigns ratings based on their benefits to the community. Guidestar.org ensures charity organizations are legitimate and the money raised is spent on the intended purpose. 

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