Bitimec Wash Machines Save Time And Your Budget

Lexi Tucker
Posted on May 8, 2017

Bitimec has many satisfied customers throughout the luxury transportation industry.

Bitimec has many satisfied customers throughout the luxury transportation industry.

GREENWICH, Conn. — Handwashing vehicles is probably not the most exciting part of anyone’s day. Not only is it boring, it takes a lot of manpower. Your time is better spent doing other activities that will keep your business moving and making money.

Bruno Albanesi, president of Bitimec International, says the wash machines his company creates are the solution to increasing productivity and getting your vehicles ready to impress clients faster than ever before.

Inventing To Help Others

The founders of Bitimec were inventors and pioneers of new products, and this trend continues with their new battery powered machines. Their latest, the 626EZ-110 in., is powered by four 6-volt, 260 amp/hour deep cycle batteries and their most popular product among operators.

Bitmec recently presented a new version that can wash anything from high-roof vans to sedans at the NADA100 (National Automobile Distributors Association Trade Show) in New Orleans. “High roof Sprinters can’t go through a car wash, but our machines can wash about 30 buses on a single full charge,” Albanesi says. “Battery technology is changing, so we are moving with the times.”

Fast Facts

Location: Greenwich, Conn.

Service: Van/bus/truck/train washing equipment

Founded: 1988 (in Florence, Italy)

Founder: Bruno Tiesi

Employees: 50

Website: www.wash-bots.com

Contact: (203) 637-1900

Flyte Tyme Worldwide, Windy City Limousine, AJL International in Texas, JET Limo in Arizona, Bauers IT, MCI, and ABC Companies are among the vendor’s many customers, a few of which have purchased multiple machines. “Operators are posting photos of theirs on social media even when they are still in the crate,” Albanesi says. “We have quite a few repeat customers.”

Saving Time And The Environment

Originally, the Sprinter and Transit size washing systems, which are about nine feet tall, would be wasting four feet of water and soap if one used it to wash a sedan or SUV.

“What we’ve done is put intermittent valves on the spray tubes so the operator can shut the top nozzles off,” Albanesi says. The company also keeps up with the latest in technology, and will be using new generation lithium ion batteries in models starting in 2018.

Bruno Albanesi, president of Bitimec International.

Bruno Albanesi, president of Bitimec International.

Bitimec wash machines also save your employees from getting bored. Those who wash vehicles by hand soon get tired of it — there’s nothing worse than having to wash a big bus, especially when it’s very hot or cold outside. Unless you have a nice breeze blowing the right way so you don’t get wet, it’s a difficult job.

“We don’t necessarily make it more fun, but we do make it a lot easier so people stay on your detail team longer,” Albanesi says. “For the cost of one good employee, we provide the elbow grease of at least four or five. A 45-foot coach would take eight minutes for our machines to wash; if you had to do it by hand, it’d take at least an hour.”

Born In Italy

The Bitimec brand was born when Italian railways put up money for a conceptual project, Albanesi says. They sent out a challenge to various equipment design firms, and said they would give $15,000 to whomever could design the best mobile train wash system. The now-president of Bitimec won the bid and worked with two mechanical and two electrical engineers, who are now the five partners of Bitimec Italy.

The company concentrated on growing exports, since Italy doesn’t have gold, wood, iron, or any other natural resources to export. “One of the country’s main income streams is through manufacturing. Back then, we weren’t in the international market and now we are in 30 countries.” 

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