What If?

(Pixabay.com image by FirmBee CC license here)

(Pixabay.com image by FirmBee CC license here)

Every industry is built around longstanding beliefs about how to make money. Ours is no exception. The chauffeured transportation marketplace is governed by beliefs based on shared notions about what our customers want and expect, regulations, cost drivers, and competitive differentiation. Over and over again, you read in LCT and hear via the Shows the uninfringeable truths about how you must operate your businesses. Then, someone from the outside comes along and turns those truths into myths. 

Disrupters have one advantage: They have clear heads. They are able to assess the workings of an industry business model without preconceived notions, and therefore are free to ask “What if?” What they don’t have going for them, however, is a clear sense of what drives profitability. You know the nuances of this marketplace better than any outsider. So what’s stopping US from asking the “What ifs” and creating our own shake up? Only our own mindset. That’s really it, folks.

Change typically happens when a person or entity feels pain or pressure. So assuming we all agree we are feeling some thanks to the likes of mobile technology, let’s begin there. Follow me on a series of “What ifs” and new world truths, and decide what you can do inside your business differently. Since mobile technology has had the greatest effect on just about everything we do, let’s begin there: 

What if you fully embraced mobile tech and therefore. . .

  • reduced your dispatching overhead? 
  • eliminated your call center?
  • allowed people to work from home, reducing overhead and offering work flexibility?
  • improved deployment time and client access by keeping fleets with drivers?
  • used timekeeping, GPS technology, and dashboard cameras to manage/monitor drivers, performance, and fleets?
  • used technology for immediate client feedback, and thus increased retention and intel on chauffeur performance to improve employee incentives?
  • used technology for training and retraining for better and more efficient employee performance?
  • used technology to better communicate from the C suite to the chauffeurs via video so your employees had regular dialog with the owners?

Most major workplace trends don’t evolve overnight. If you know where to look, you can disrupt traditional ways of doing business by reframing the constraining beliefs that underlie the prevailing modes of value creation.

Look through different lenses at every aspect of your transactional business, and know what your clients want and need today, not yesterday. The market is ever-changing and there is SO MUCH to look forward to and capitalize on, if you dare ask yourselves WHAT IF?

Sara Eastwood-Richardson, LCT Publisher
[email protected]

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