Springfield Coach Group Finds Specialty In Variety

Lexi Tucker
Posted on December 12, 2016

(top to bottom) Gary Spaniak Jr. and Gary Spaniak III love what they do and treat their employees like a part of the family.

(top to bottom) Gary Spaniak Jr. and Gary Spaniak III love what they do and treat their employees like a part of the family.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield Coach Group recently ramped up production so operators buying a new vehicle won’t have to waste any time waiting.

“When someone calls and wants us to build them a Sprinter, we can now give them the option to take one we have that’s ready to go,” sales manager Gary Spaniak III says. “We base all our builds off of the popularity at the time, but we do throw a few oddballs in there just in case.”

The company specializes in about every possible fleet vehicle, including non-stretches, limousines, SUV limousines, Ford Transits, Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, and even buses. “We are really a one-stop shop. We are a certified Mercedes upfitter, and we’ve been talking to Chrysler about being the first certified Chrysler coachbuilder. They actually want to partner up with us at the next LCT Show, so they’ll have our vehicles at their booth.”

Fast Facts

Location: Springfield, MO

Service: Coachbuilder and upfitter

Founder: Gary Spaniak

Founded: 2006

Employees: 50-60


Contact: (417) 866-6565

[email protected]

Spaniak adds the business has teamed up with Winnebago on its new Metro Link bus. “They are providing the shell and have announced us to be their official upfitter for the limousine style interior and upscale executive shuttles.”

The business’ most popular vehicles include the Chrysler 300, the new Dodge Durango SUV limousine, and Mercedes Sprinters.

Looking Out For Consumers

Always trying to find ways to save operators money, Spaniak says the goal is to give customers the same quality they are used to at the best price possible. He gives the 16-passenger SUV stretch as an example.

“A lot of people have been offering the Yukon and Escalade thinking of the big SUVs,” he says. “We have these as well, but they are all $90,000-$150,000 limos. We actually started producing a new line of SUVs off the Dodge Durango chassis. This still gets you 16 passengers, but it’s considerably less expensive. It’s a $75,000 limousine. Now the operator can charge the same price as he would for his $90,000-$150,000 SUV, but it will cost them a lot less.”

Other cool features Springfield Coach Group can work into its sedan and SUV builds are dual compressors and dual alternators. “This way, you don’t have one single compressor trying to run everything,” Spaniak says. “We also do a lot of engineering and hydrographics now.”

The company also builds its own electrical systems. “Nothing is outsourced, so if you have any problems you just call us and we can normally take care of it over the phone within minutes,” he explains.

Mild To Wild

A feature built into all of its limos is what Spaniak calls the “24 hour limousine.” This means the vehicle has all the functions needed for corporate, daily business (ambient lighting, nice, rich woods), but with a flip of a switch, it can go into full party-mode for nighttime retail runs.

“I think that’s what the market is going towards,” he says. “Operators need a vehicle that can do it all rather than just a special occasion car or a corporate car. They are downsizing and trying to find the limo that will cater to everything.”

Family Ties

Springfield Coach Group is family owned and operated, and the team shares a passion for their work. “We are all in it together to make this successful because it puts food on the table. We also treat everyone in the shop like family; if they are ever in need or in trouble, we are always there for them,” Spaniak says.

Both he and his father, Gary Spaniak Jr., are constantly out in the shop doing quality control and making sure things are running the way they are supposed to. They also host a lunch every Friday for the shop, where the Spaniaks are the ones doing the cooking and serving.

Customers are also treated the same way. “We really try to go the extra mile in making sure they are taken care of. We have zero unpaid warranty claims, and always try to take care of everyone as fast as possible.”

So what’s in store for the future? “We are trying to get bigger and better. We don’t want to be a fly-by-night operation. We’ve been here for 10 years, and we are still going strong while trying to grow to the next level.”

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