What Does Your Promotional Product Say?

Jim Luff
Posted on November 4, 2016

Attend any trade show and you are bound to walk away with a bag full of loot. Goodies range from cheap pens to nice ball caps. Post-It note pads, letter openers, paperclip holders, and a myriad of other products can be given away to remind people of your company.

Why Use Promotional Products?

Items such as those described above keep your name in front of potential customers. Whether a person received your product or happens to see your logo on a hat, the items present your company long after a trade show. You never know who will see your company name on a hat and realize the need to order transportation for an event. Your company just might be the one called simply because of the added name exposure. You are not giving an item away just to gift someone. It serves two purposes: To draw people to your booth at a trade show and talk to them, and to promote your company long after the first encounter.

Be Practical

Logoed stress balls and cheap pens usually end up in the trash. Consider offering practical items of high quality that serve a purpose. The latest promotional trend is the cellphone holder as shown to the left. This practical device cradles your cell phone on your desk allowing you to see texts as they arrive without picking it up.  It forces the user to look at the logo of the company each time their cell phone lights up. This creates a subliminal message. Each time you look at the phone stand, you are exposed to the logo printed on it. Your brain absorbs this information over and over. When you see that company out and about, you will feel like you “know” the company.

Make It Useful

Another favorite promotional product is the envelope opener. A high quality opener with an encased business card makes it very easy to call you.  In the illustrated opener, the insurance agent’s name and company name are seen every day and will last for years. Don’t buy the cheapest, inexpensive version; the business card version is the best. While stress balls are frequently recommended by promotional product companies because they are cheap, unless someone has a ton of stress, it is impractical to keep more than a few.

About Ball Caps

The baseball cap is probably the most common giveaway item. Are you giving them hats simply to have something to walk away with or do you actually want them to wear it? Look at the two hats shown in the nearby photo. The one on the left is a high quality Flex Fit hat. This is a hat anyone would be proud to wear. The hat on the right is of such low quality, even the manufacturer doesn’t attach its name to it. It is not a hat most people would want to wear. Spend the money on a good quality premium gift and it will be used daily and seen by many people.

Use A Professional

Thousands of products are available online. If you really want to reach your target audience, engage a professional marketing company that serves your industry, such as Create-A-Card or Drive Profit. Having an account representative who understands the ground transportation business, your goals, and your target audience (affiliates, corporate, retail) can help you select the ideal product within your budget. They can even advise how to design a logo and place the logo properly on your item. Remember, you want to leave a lasting impression. You don’t want it to be cheap.

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