Florida Operator Keeps Learning, Stays Current

Lexi Tucker
Posted on November 3, 2016

Vasil Vasilev, operations manager for Atlantic Transportation Group, with his son, Lucas.

Vasil Vasilev, operations manager for Atlantic Transportation Group, with his son, Lucas.

Lessons learned: Vasil Vasilev, operations manager for Atlantic Transportation Group, has learned there’s no substitute for quality. “When you get a job, you have to do everything in your power to make it the best possible trip for your client,” he says. Because customers can choose from so many other companies, you need to find a way to stick out. Businesses just in it for the money that don’t show clients the high-touch service they seek will be the first to fail. “These are the type of companies you don’t want to be affiliated with. When you find high-quality operators, you want to stick with them.” He also says when you’re not sure of something, don’t be afraid to ask for help. “In this business, you’re constantly learning.”

Start-up methods: To get started, you have to make a name for yourself. “In this business you have to be reliable,” Vasilev says. “You can’t make mistakes.” The company has built up its customer base by making sure it does all it can to keep clients returning. The same goes for its philosophy on affiliating with other operations. “The fact [our affiliates] continue to use us shows we are doing the right thing.”

Fast Facts

Location: Orlando, Fla.

Owner: Daniela Vasilev

Founded: 2006

Vehicle types: SUV, Town Cars, vans

Fleet Size: 8

Employees: varied subcontractors

Annual Revenue: N/A

Website: www.atlantictransportationgroup.com/

Phone: (407) 360-9999

Networking: Vasilev and Daniela, his wife and owner of the company, attended the 2015 International LCT Show in Las Vegas and made many new, strong connections. “Meeting people who are willing to help is always valuable. I love getting to know new faces in the industry and becoming friends with them. Many are very intelligent and have a lot of experience,” he says.

Advice: The key to Atlantic Transportation Group’s success is optimism and perseverance. “Start working and keep at it until you succeed,” Vasilev says. “There’s no other way.” It’s certainly not easy to run a luxury ground transportation company in today’s TNC dominated world, but if you don’t give up and keep a positive outlook on things, it won’t be as difficult. Also, make sure you stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry and pay attention to market trends.

Marketing strategies: Word of mouth gets the most customers. “When clients are happy with your work, they’ll tell others and more business will follow,” he says. Vasilev believes another big part of staying relevant is making sure people can find you no matter what search engine they use, whether it’s Google, Yahoo!, or even Bing.

Origins: The company went through a few transformations before Vasilev and his wife took it over. The couple started with one car and chauffeur, and their business was directed more toward corporate customers. They acquired more vehicles and developed the company. Atlantic Transportation Group now provides various services, from airport runs to port shuttle services.

Biggest success: “I’m proud we are still working,” Vasilev says. Last year was difficult for the company, but they try their best and are not about to give up anytime soon.

Future plans: Stay steady and stable in their current market. “We just want to continue to do the best we can.”

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