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Anne Daniells
Posted on September 30, 2016

Welcome to LCT's new monthly ad­vice column, “Ask LCT.” This forum takes questions and shares your suggestions in print to help industry colleagues around the world. You, our readers, are the ex­pert operators whose ideas help this in­dustry succeed.

Just as people go to shows to net­work, you may ask anything and seek advice from others who have struggled and learned before you. Send in your questions. We may not be able to pro­vide feature articles on everything, so this is a way to get real answers from real operators.

Along with your advice and comments, we will seek the views of our dedicated media advisory board. This group offers wide knowledge and expe­rience to help you with every day snags and yearlong projects. We work together sharing ideas, improving the industry, and helping your operations make and save money. The 12 operators on this board bring hundreds of years of com­bined experience. The demographically diverse group spans all regions, profes­sional ranks, and experience levels.

Anuj Patel, director of strategic development for Pontarelli Worldwide Ground Transportation, for example, draws on experience working in New York and Chicago. His work reaches from food and fashion to teaching and internation­al real estate. He’s an expert in online marketing and social media, too. “My out-of-box mindset fits very well in this industry,” Patel adds. We look forward to his contributions.

Seattle’s Rare Form Limo owner and board member Eli Darland says LCT Magazine provides just the platform to have his “opinions vetted by other ex­perts” to either refine his own position or to “convince others of refining theirs.” Ask LCT is perfect for this dialogue. Join us and be a part of the discussion as we solve problems and make the industry worthy of its quality reputation for safety, security and duty of care.

Backing this up is Bill Atkins, a board member from Red Bank Limo in Red Bank, N.J. He sees education and shared information as something our industry and companies can benefit from while creating a better customer experience. The path to excellence re­quires strong business allies, not price drops and discounts, Atkins says. His relationship building will offer ways to “thrive in a premium business with pre­mium service.”

For October’s Ask LCT, let’s start with this:

What do you think really makes your com­pany better or different? Be specific. What are you remembered for, and why do peo­ple come back to you again and again?

Email your answers you’d like to see published for this question to LCT. Or send us questions on your mind for fu­ture issues to LCT Magazine at [email protected] lctmag.com.

Email any questions to me. We look forward to our “two-way” version of asking & an­swering “Dear Anne.”

California operator ANNE DANIELLS has more than 25 years of experience in corporate America and the limousine industry, and once owned an LCT Operator Of The Year Award-winning limousine company. She can be reached at [email protected]

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