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Lexi Tucker
Posted on July 11, 2016

It should go without saying training your chauffeurs is important. But do you just put them through a course, give them a pat on the back, and never review the material again?

Following up is essential, no matter if they’ve been driving three years or 30. The Safety Training Operators Program (STOP) was founded by Lee Martinez as a way for his insurance clients to receive a discount if they had a formal written safety training program within their fleet companies.  He built the program to specifically address the insurance industry’s desire to have better trained chauffeurs and drivers who help reduce incidents and lower accident costs.

Fast Facts

Location: Founded and located in Las Vegas, Nevada

Service: 100% Online Fleet Driver Safety Training Program

Founder: Lee Martinez

Founded: 2013

Employees: 3

Website: https://www.stop-program.com/

Contact: James Brett, CEO, [email protected]; Michael Garcia, VP of sales, [email protected]; Tiffany Martinez, customer solutions specialist, [email protected]

Phone: (855) 780-7867

All Go For STOP

Now run by CEO James Brett, the program has migrated online. STOP covers a variety of safety issues, including ones that are often overlooked.

For example, backing up is difficult for chauffeurs of any skill level, but learning how to properly lift heavy luggage is something people might not realize is a high-claim issue.

“Safety is a big concern, and that’s why we see the opportunity for discounts when operators integrate a formal written safety training program into their business,” Brett says.

Learn And Retain

Because the program is written in middle school-level English and each module only takes six to 10 minutes to complete, chauffeurs retain more of what they learn. These snappy, concise components ensure chauffeurs won’t be zoning out in a boring classroom environment. In addition, the program is built so chauffeurs have the flexibility to do the courses at their own pace on whatever device they feel most comfortable using.

“They can come back and do a refresher course, or their manager can say, ‘This week we are going to focus on left turns, and in a couple of months we’ll do one on inclement weather,’” Brett says.

For $20 a year per chauffer, you get unlimited access to all course modules — and a big bang for your buck. “We typically say you’ll get a 30 times ROI,” Brett says. “If you invest $20 in your driver’s safety, we estimate you’re going to see a savings in excess of $600 per year just in reduction of claims and driver retention. Those are the numbers we’ve been seeing from the clients we’ve been serving.”

STOP, LLC. CEO James Brett lives an active lifestyle and stresses the importance of safety whether you are driving a limousine, motorcycle, or even a mountain bike.

STOP, LLC. CEO James Brett lives an active lifestyle and stresses the importance of safety whether you are driving a limousine, motorcycle, or even a mountain bike.


The company has seen plenty of results-oriented proof of the success rate of their program, Brett says. When drivers take the courses, it significantly reduces the frequency and severity of the incidents that have occurred. “It shouldn’t be seen as an expense. It should be seen as an investment,” he says.

The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, eliciting responses like this one from Brandan Stein of Exclusive Sedan Service: “The STOP program has helped our safety and training process greatly. I haven’t witnessed another program [for our industry] that interacts like this program. I would highly recommend any company implement this program into not only your training, but your mentoring and follow up processes as well.”

STOP also can work with customers to customize the training however they’d like. For example, they can incorporate your company’s mission statement, add your logo, include video, or even create various customer service elements for your training program.

The program has produced definitive evidence that those who use it as a training tool see lasting results.

The program has produced definitive evidence that those who use it as a training tool see lasting results.

No Complacency

If your chauffeurs insist they don’t need the training, or you think it’s too much of a time commitment, think again. “Despite our confidence, each of us as a driver becomes more complacent as we get older. We develop bad habits, but become supposedly more experienced,” Brett explains. “The STOP solution specifically addresses and refreshes even the most seasoned professional driver’s routines and knowledge base in a time efficient and effective manner.”

The company will be launching its fully mobile enabled courses next quarter so chauffeurs will be able take them while waiting for their clients. And there will be no need to worry about employees attempting to access the site while driving; a special lockout detects motion or speed and blocks the chauffeur from the site.

This product addresses the needs of small- to medium-sized fleet owners who want to provide the safest rides possible. “Some people will argue classroom is better than online, but at $20 a head with definitive proof, we can reduce the severity and frequency of incidents. I think there’s nothing out there that compares.”

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