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Lexi Tucker
Posted on May 11, 2016

William Brakebill, principal and national sales director for PayHawk.

William Brakebill, principal and national sales director for PayHawk.

The Rhino family of companies, which began in 2006 with Nolan Transportation Group and consists of businesses focused on the transportation industry, is ready to introduce its newest member: PayHawk.

Following OTR Capital, a factoring company, and Marquee Insurance Group, PayHawk is a payment processing company that enables the limousine and transportation industry to use one central point of contact for a suite of transportation services.

“We know accepting payments properly and timely [affects] your bottom line,” says William Brakebill, principal and national sales director for PayHawk. “What drives our business is counseling and adapting to each client — we want you to take payments however it works best for you.”

Fast Facts

Location: Roswell, Ga.

Service: Payment Processing

Founded: 2015

Founder: Kevin Nolan

Key executive: William Brakebill, principal and national sales director

Employees: 29


Contact: (305) 340-9660; [email protected]

No long-term commitment

With many payment processing companies using models that include a contract and large breakage fee, it is often unclear what justifies this demand for a long-term commitment. Brakebill believes these customers should be receiving more in the way of customization and special attention.

“The founders of PayHawk, myself included, recognized the lack of transparent pricing and poor customer service in the industry and felt there was a market for clients that wanted, and could benefit from, a more hands-on approach,” he says.

PayHawk is processing for more than 200 limousine and transportation companies. Brakebill claims this number will only increase due to the company’s recent direct integration with Limo Anywhere, a dispatching system for small- and medium-sized limousine operators.

One-by-one relationships

PayHawk touts strong customer service. “An individual will be available to address your concern or question any time of day or night,” Brakebill says. “We offer 24/7 customer service by our own associates, not a call center. You are provided with office and cell numbers of our dedicated team members, so we are always accessible.”

This is important considering the number of competitors they face as a newcomer in the payment processing game. It doesn’t hurt that the Rhino family of companies are located in 13 U.S. cities with about 650 employees. “We encourage those in the transportation space to experience our ‘human’ element, competitive pricing, and a genuine enjoyment for what we do,” Brakebill says.

One of the most vital aspects of owning a credit card is ensuring your identity and private information remain safe. Protecting cardholder data is of the utmost importance to PayHawk. The company serves as consultants for PCI Compliance and EMV Conversion. For those who are unfamiliar with the terms, PCI refers to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard — a set of requirements designed to ensure companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. If you recently received a new credit card, it likely contains something called EMV technology, which stands for “Europay, MasterCard, and Visa.”

“This means that your card has a miniature computer chip that’s extremely hard to counterfeit,” Brakebill explains. “We are constantly adding resources focused on implementing physical and logical controls and helping clients navigate PCI and accepting cards with EMV.”

Payhawk offers a variety of payment processing options.

Payhawk offers a variety of payment processing options.

Low maintenance approach

Unlike some payment processors that dictate how they can take payments, PayHawk uses a consultative and tailored approach with each client and business. “Our dedicated staff will help our clients become, and stay, PCI compliant and offer the latest EMV compatible product offerings.”

PayHawk isn’t stopping there. They are developing B2B lending on behalf of their clients and are also working toward enhanced integration in mobile applications. Whatever a company’s payment needs, Brakebill says PayHawk is ready to handle them: “Anything our clients can challenge us to develop for or with them, we can make it happen.” 

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