What Is LCTconnect.com And How Did It Come About?

Sara Eastwood
Posted on February 2, 2016

Year after year, we survey our showgoers to find out what they value the most in attending LCT events.

Networking consistently ranks at the top of the list. Yet, outside of the face-to-face forums at shows, the only means of connecting with one another is by way of generic “classified” ads uniform in size, hopelessly lacking in POP and critical company information, and packaged in endless pages devoid of page numbers and any rhyme or reason. Even worse, they are stacked six to eight to a page.

No Cheap Images
LCT tested this trend of advertising in 2014 before we stopped because we felt we were wasting operators’ money. Further, it made our magazine look like one of those cheap Penny Savers which turns off qualified readership. Don’t misunderstand. If you are running ads in LCT or any other magazine, there is branding value to be sure, but this is not the way to go if you’re looking for lead-generators and referral work.

I knew from your feedback that networking was very important, so what to do to fill that need? Print is too limiting. So turning my focus to the Internet, I explored social media opportunities only to find random city posts within “limo groups” asking fellow operators for a reference at a given spot. LinkedIn is too broad and set up more for job searches than business-to-business outsourcing.

My true ah-ha moment came when I was out with friends and my gal-pal joshed to me about meeting the man of her dreams on Match.com. I contacted my tech team and instructed them to join Match.com, e-Harmony and Plentyoffish.com so that we could analyze the means by which these sites connect people, and VIOLA!

How It Works

LCTconnect.com is the next best thing. As the business owner, you create your own company profile by simply following the line of questions that include everything from fleet make up to staff training, insurance information, operating systems, your business philosophy and more. There is a prompt to upload your fleet pictures, your offices, your staff and your headshot if you wish. You can be as detailed or straightforward as you like. What’s more, you can key in the cities and markets you wish to connect with, and the system looks for your best matches. Then the rest is up to you. You will be able to interface with operators by way of a unique email, and your reach is global.

What does LCTconnect.com cost? It’s free until May 1 if you’d like to check it out (no obligation; you just have to generate your profile). After May 1, the costs to subscribe are broken down from an annual fee to monthly, and are offered for as little as $39/month.

The program is highly intuitive, and very simple. LCTconnect.com is NOT a back operating system and is NOT a booking app. It’s JUST a B2B connection site to help you find the right partners from anywhere in the world to whom you can entrust your clients, and to get leads back into your market.

Sign up. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Plus, all the companies on LCTconnect.com in advance of the International LCT Show in Las Vegas will be a part of our exciting launch at our booth on the show floor!

Happy Connecting. We hope our networking site grows, and creates more partnerships, less guesswork and makes you more profitable!

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