Using Tech Tools to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Posted on February 1, 2009

Using, promoting, and demonstrating the latest technology available for operations enables Leros Point to Point stand out in a highly competitive industry, says Jeff Nyikos, chief operating officer.


Leros invests in a state-of-the-art website and technology systems to build its corporate brand name, client services, and real-time staff communications.


“Clients come in to view our facility, and they’re surprised by our commitment to technology,” Nyikos says. “We’d rather be on the cutting edge than lag behind.”


Leros started up in 1983 and manages a fleet of more than 200 vehicles from its offices in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.


During the last decade, the company built up a network of affiliates that service more than 550 cities worldwide. In recent years, the management team has committed resources to adding new technology tools including a voice logger that records all phone calls, a real time phone viewer which tracks all calls and displays reports for dispatchers, DriveCam and GPS systems on its fleet, and a revamped website offering corporate travel managers everything they need for account management.


About five years ago, Leros set up an intranet system to track real-time data and constantly communicate with staff to make sure everyone develops a sense of protocol. Running 24/7 operations, Leros uses everything that makes sense for improving operations, such as fleet drive time and location tracking, computer data backup systems, interoffice email, and a phone system that allows four-digit extension phone calls to all staff phones in Leros’ tri-state operations.


The company’s technology commitment focuses its mission: to drive people who drive the business world. Leros Point to Point has worked hard to attract a diverse corporate clientele in several industries.


Becoming active and exhibiting at the National Business Travel Association annual convention has yielded strong relationships with corporate decision makers, as has being active in Meeting Professionals International. Involvement with MPI fuels the company’s commitment to group transportation through buses, Nyikos says.


Along with corporate meeting planners, participating in MPI meetings strengthens relationships with the hotel industry, which has been investing in building onsite group meeting events.

Leros has started a niche market division to better serve clients called Preferred Mobility Division, which provides non-emergency medical transportation through Toyota Sienna Assisted Specialty Vehicles that transport one wheelchair and three passengers. Passengers enjoy a luxurious ride in leather seats with flat-screen TVs, and can take their family on a comfortable trip to see a show in the city.


“We’re the first company in the tri-state area to do this,” Nyikos says, “and in the next five to seven years we’ll offer this service nationwide.”   



The Facts

Name: Leros Point to Point

Owners: John Nyikos, CEO; Jeff Nyikos, COO; and Chris Nyikos, executive vice president

Founded: 1983

Service region: New York tri-state area

Fleet size: 190 Types of vehicles: sedans, limos, vans, SUVs and shuttle buses

Employees: 240

2008 estimated revenue: $20 million


Phone: (800) 825-3767

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