Just “Breathe” While Viewing Leros Point to Point’s Website

Jon LeSage
Posted on August 1, 2008

When you look at the Leros Point to Point website, two things really stand out: vivid photos float by on the homepage showing markets Leros serves; and another page offers a promotional video on Leros soundtracked to a cool song, “Breathe,” by a band called Telepopmusik.


This has been a big year for chauffeured transportation companies launching revamped websites. When you look around the web, you’ll find many flashy, vital sites to visit with enticing visual elements and clear, organized information categories that clients seek. Leros Point to Point, a 198-vehicle company based in Hawthorne, N.Y., launched its new website on Jan. 1, after spending six months getting it ready to post.


The main motive for investing time and money into the new website was that, “We needed to start branding the company,” says Jeff Nyikos, COO. “We’re a company that you’d want to do business with — a first-class operation.”


Targeting Corporate Travelers

Nyikos says the primary goal for revising the website and launching this new edition was to become appealing and useful to those booking corporate travel, underscoring its tagline: “We drive people who drive business.” The company geared its website to reach the needs of four types of visitors: corporate executives, business travelers, travel planners, and meeting and event planners.


Users can go to the “My Leros” drop-down menu and choose their options: manage their profile, view reports, get receipts, and take an online survey. Leros organized this section to give corporate clients anything they need to manage their accounts, Nyikos says.


Serving corporate travelers is the main reason stand-out photos of the major travel markets are shown on its homepage — New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Paris, and Tokyo, Nyikos says. “This shows our global reach,” he says. “We started as a mom-and-pop limo company, and have become a global ground transportation management company.”


Leros got a good deal on this project through a local marketing consultant. It cost the company about $30,000 to have the new website created and set up including the promotional video, Nyikos says, which is much less than the cost of other corporate sites. In choosing the structure of the new website, the management team studied the details of other websites in comparable high-end industries to build up their vision for what they wanted on the Leros site. Nyikos says three really stood out: NetJets, Rolex, and Four Seasons.


This was also a good time to spruce up the company’s logo and launch it with the website. They also branded everything with the new Leros logo: the website, fleet buses and vans, and promotional materials.


Hear and Breathe

When looking at the promotional video, you’ll hear the “Breathe” song, which was secured by the website developers for a nominal fee. The song was chosen to appeal to busy, stressed-out business travelers, Nyikos says. “Just breathe,” he says. “Relax when you get in the back of the vehicle, and we’ll get you there safely.”


The website is also ideal for promoting Leros’ identity in the market — looking at the “services” menu shows the markets served, including two specialized segments: messenger and trucking (through its delivery vans) and preferred mobility, which provides transportation services to clients with physical limitations.


Another good tie-in for corporate clients is details on Leros’ sustainability program, since clients often discuss “green” issues. “We’re one of the first companies in the industry to put out a sustainability report on our website, which defines our carbon footprint and our goals going forward,” he says.   

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