Operator Profile: Jason Starr

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Posted on December 1, 1998

Jason Starr, Starr Limo-Scene (Hooksett, NH)

In Business: 5 years

Fleet: 5 stretches and 3 sedans

Employees: 18 chauffeurs, 2 car washers, and 4 office staff

Keys for Success: “Attitude, integrity, and excellence. This is our motto and this is the way we try to service all of our customers. There is such a lack of all three in the business world today, especially in the service business. We spend extra time answering customer questions, instead of just providing a price and going to the next call. You have to be genuinely nice to every person who calls. Customers frequently tell us that we are not the lowest-priced company, but we are the nicest on the phone. My excellent staff is a key. Integrity? Not many businesses truly practice and incorporate this into their day-to-day activities. Our company is not perfect. However, we constantly strive for excellence in our business.”

Company’s Role in Improving the Limousine Industry: “I think our industry has a reputation for tardiness Therefore, we are the only company in New Hampshire to offer the customer 100 percent guaranteed on time service or the next transfer is free. It’s also vital to have clean vehicles that are in perfect working order, as well as vehicles that are mechanically sound. We will not send a car out if it has a dent or is substandard. Additionally, our company has completed the Chauffeured Transportation Certification Program. We are now ‘safety certified’ and our chauffeurs are ‘gold’ level certified. I think this is a wonderful program because it helps promote a professional image for both the company and the industry.”

Chauffeur Management: “Chauffeurs are the backbone of our company. Without their professionalism all other facets of the company are useless. We provide each manager with a solid foundation to work from, including job descriptions, training, and appropriate equipment. We give our employees a significant amount of freedom so they feel independent. Conscientious employees really shine in this system and they represent us well.”

Starr’s Stance: “We have set up a system that works and allows for future expansion. Telephone techniques, booking procedures, assignment of work, dispatching, vehicle preparation, job execution, and final completion must all be systematic and effective. If a sound system is in place, employees should be able to quickly learn and adapt to any job. We have implemented a turnkey operation, which makes our service familiar to the customer. This philosophy is also a key in maintaining a reputation of integrity and professionalism. Much of our work comes from word of mouth, which is the best and least expensive form of marketing. However, it takes a maximum effort on a daily basis. Our goal is to never have our work ethic questioned by our customers.”

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