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Posted on December 1, 2003
A-1 started out with two Cadillacs and now has more than 225 in its fleet.

A-1 started out with two Cadillacs and now has more than 225 in its fleet.

The word partnership means two or more parties working for a common goal. This definition describes the relationship between A-1 Limousine in Princeton, N.J., and Cadillac — both working to make better vehicles for the limousine industry.

A-1 Limousine started out in 1964 with two Cadillac factory-built limousines. As it enters its 40th year, it is one of the largest operators in the country. It recently ordered 45 new Cadillacs, consisting of 35 sedans, six corporate limousines, and four stretch limousines. This brings its fleet to more than 225 Cadillacs.

A-1 started out with two Cadillacs and now has more than 225 in its fleet.
A-1 started out with two Cadillacs and now has more than 225 in its fleet.

Relationships sometime lake a long time to develop, but the payoffs are worth the effort. A-1 Limousine remains loyal to Cadillac for its prestige, brand recognition, reliability and commitment to stand behind the product with a strong warranty and professional service.

The fact that A-1 has its own maintenance facility, keeps detailed records and is willing to collaborate has enabled Cadillac to benefit technically from the partnership.

At first, neither Cadillac nor A-1 Limousine knew the value of the relationship. However, after having refined it over many years, both parties are seeing real benefits.

A-1 has worked with Cadillac Professional Vehicles, and has supplied information to GM Powertrain and Delphi to test and build a better car. It has worked primarily with the W20 and W4U chassis, which are the livery car and coachbuilder chassis, respectively. Some of this troubleshooting and engineering has been integrated into other Cadillac and General Motors brands as well.

A-1 Limousine puts between 2,000 and 2,500 miles a week on a car; vehicles are checked by service technicians every seven to 10 days and it keeps detailed maintenance records on each vehicle. This helps Cadillac identify potential problems king before a customer might ever see them. Also, since A-1 has at least 25 identical cars, patterns can be quickly spotted.

Because of this partnership, changes have been made to make a better vehicle. An example of this was shown in the 1994 Fleetwood. This vehicle had power reclining seats with a switch on the side of the seat. With the constant getting in and out of the car, the location of the switch tore the leather around it. As a result, the switch was moved to the door in future models.

One of the many benefits that A-1 Limousine has received from its relationship with Cadillac was exemplified in 1994 when A-1’s signature color of silver was discontinued. A-1 asked for a solution. Since the order was for 50 vehicles, Cadillac found a color similar to A- 1’s and produced the cars in a special production run.

A-1’s fleet of Cadillac livery sedans and limousines has also proven to be very reliable and cost-effective. When a problem is encountered, the technical support provided by Cadillac Professional Vehicles and A-1’s local dealership is extraordinary. Moreover, the 4-year/50,000-mile CM limited warranty and the 3-year/50,000-mile Professional Vehicle Protection Plan provide added assurance that A-1’s investment in Cadillac will remain strong.

The Professional Vehicle Team at Cadillac works hard to serve A-1 Limousine and oilier fleets. A field consultant visits A-1 numerous times a year, and management has visited A-1 many limes. In 2000 when Cadillac introduced a new version of the DeVille, A-1 Limousine purchased 75 sedans and 12 limousines. Loyalty is a two-way street.

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