New Models for 1989- a year of glamour and gadgetry

Posted on January 1, 1989

It’s that time again! The holidays are over and it’s time to think about buying a gift for yourself. What better way to start the New Year than with a brand new limousine for your fleet? The only question is, what’s out there and how do you possibly choose?

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of what new models and features are being offered by what coachbuilders. We asked coachbuilders to write and tell us what they had to offer, both in the way of vehicles and in the way of financing and of vehicles and in the way of financing and warranty agreements.

Allen Coachworks

Allen Coachworks of Laredo, TX, is introducing a Cadillac version of the popular Porta Lunga, or “long door,” limousine. A 60-inch stretch, the Porta Lunga’s rear doors are stretched six inches. It is the only Cadillac to date with extended rear door glass.

Allen also offers a 46-inch Continental with a full metal roof. A new addition to the company’s corporate line is the CEO Formal, a 28-inch stretch sedan with a curved glass divider.

Other new Allen models include the Crown Victoria Bravo, built on the Ford LTD chassis, and the 25-Hour Car, which features six doors and reversible seating.

American Custom Coachworks, Ltd.

This Beverly Hills-based company is offering new Lincoln and Cadillac models stretched 75 or even 100 inches.

The 75-inch strategies provide seating for eight people, while the 100-inch can easily accommodate 10. Both provide “L” shaped lounge passenger seating.

ACC limousines feature all-steel construction and a five-year unlimited mileage warranty is available. Leasing and insurance packages are also available.

Bradford Coachworks

This Delray Beach, Florida, company offers an all-new Super Executive Sedan for 1989. The sedan features a raised roof with rain channel, wood window sills, electronic hideaway television, dual side consoles, Digitouch controls for both driver and passengers, and all-steel construction.

Bradford is also continuing to offer its successful Livery King 60, 6000V Super Executive, and Bradford 5800 Series models.

Collins Professional Cars, Inc.

For ’89, Collins offers the 1989 Presidential 60, which is not stretched, and the Concorde 52, which is a 52-inch stretch. Both vehicles feature Collins’s presidential roof which is of all-steel construction and is raised to provide two additional inches of rear door entry height and passenger headroom.

The Concorde 52 features interchangeable entertainment and seating components which make it an extremely versatile car. It converts from a VIP car to a corporate or funeral car with ease. A flip of a lever moves the middle seat from front to rear-facing.

Leasing and insurance packages are available through dealers, and Collins does provide a warranty.

A.H.A Automotive Technologies Corporation

This Brampton, Ontario coachbuilder is offering four different models this year.

A.H.A.’s Stratford features a 60-inch center panel extension, while the Queens Park long door offers 66 extra inches. The Formal is A.H.A’s non-extended limousine. All three of these models are available on either Cadillac or Lincoln base units. The Cambridge is a 60-inch stretch built on the Mercury base unit.

All A.H.A limousines feature all-steel construction, 18-gauge steel roof, side panels, and floor; double-walled, sleeved frame rails; and an anti-intrusion beam behind the center panel.

New for 1989 is the A.H.A Slimline interior series. The Slimline features a swivel color television, crystal bar set, champagne flutes, overboard ice, wine cooler, and sink. These amenities all fit in a newly designed solid walnut package, created to increase passenger capacity in the rear compartment.

A.H.A offers a combination of leasing and insurance packages as well as a new concept – car rental to the livery service as well as leasing and purchasing. Under the rental agreement, operators keep the car for a period of 18 to 24 months.

A.H.A also offers an extended warranty program. The standard warranty has been extended to five years/50,000 miles with an optional 250,000-mile warranty package also available. Service agreements are included in the car rental package.

Concept Coach Builders, Ltd.

In Milwaukee, Concept Coach is introducing three 53-inch models for 1989: the concept 3.8SL, 3.8SLB, and 3.8SLD all feature all-metal construction.

Identical weight distribution to the base chassis provides excellent ride and handling characteristics and the cars feature tubular steel reinforced door posts.

The Concept 3.8 series features the longest non-customized rear door in the industry. European aero-dynamic styling, and an optional rear compartment handicap seat for ease of entry and departure from the limousine.

Financing is available through GMAC, and the GM standard new vehicle warranty is provided. An extended warranty package is also available.

Corporate Coachbuilders

Springfield’s premier wide-body builder is offering several models for 1989. The Corporate Standard is available in stretch lengths of 60 inches, 66 inches, and 80 inches. A 72-inch double-cut model is also available. The Corporate Wide Body comes in stretch lengths of 60 and 66 inches, or in a 72-inch double-cut model. Also available are the Corporate Coachworks Upgrade Car, the 16-inch Corporate Formal, and the 60-inch LS (Livery Service).

All the Corporate vehicles feature full wall-to-wall bench seating or wrap around “J” seating, increased interior lighting, extensive wood inlays, gold packages, a new champagne area, and new interior components.

Corporate Coachworks cars are built with extensive safety features such as dual impact beams, reinforced frame and roof areas, and 10 and 12 gauge steel construction in conversion areas.

Leasing is available through Amerilease Financial Corporation. Corporate vehicles are backed by a five-year/250,000-mile construction warranty and a three-year/70,000-mile warranty on Corporate equipment. Extended warranty packages are also available.

Custom Coach

Custom Coach of Columbus, OH, is offering a new 21-passenger VIP Executive Transporter. Custom’s new model MCI 102C3 shell features a European-styled exterior with an additional three inches of roof height. Inside, lounge seating accommodates up to 25 passengers on sofas, dinette sets and swivel chairs. A complete gallery and lavatory and a deluxe stereo entertainment center are also provided.

Custom Coach Builders

Custom Coach Builders offers limousines built on Lincoln, Cadillac, and Mercedes chassis. Custom Coach Builders limousines come in stretch lengths of 63, 70, and 100 inches. New features for 1989 include dual bars with tambour doors and champagne buckets.

Custom Coach Builders limousines feature all-steel construction and comfortably seat six passengers. Leasing and insurance packages are available, as is a five-year/60,000 mile warranty.

DaBryan Coach Builders, Inc.

DaBryan Coach of Springfield, MO has three standard offerings for 1989: The 60-inch Grand Marquis, the 96-inch Eight Passenger Limousine, and the Sedan Corporate Vehicle.

DaBryan has a new standard console with pull-down TV, and a larger overhead air conditioning system.

DaBryan also offers a new low cost leasing and insurance package. All DaBryan vehicles come with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty, and an extended service agreement is also available.

Empire Coach

Brooklyn’s veteran coachbuilder continues to offer the Empress Limousine, a neo-classic style which is stretched 70 inches in the center and an additional 30 inches in the hood. Inside, the 1989 Empress features a coffee carafe and champagne holder.

Empire also continues its line of Lincoln stretch limousines with New York-toughness based on years of experience in one of the civilized world’s roughest motoring areas. Leasing and insurance packages are available, as is six-year/60,000-mile warranty on coach construction.

Fairway Coachworks

Fairway Coachworks, a division of Fairway Industries Ltd. in Toronto, Canada, has developed a new interior design for its line of limousines. Fairway limousines come in stretch lengths of 12 inches, 45 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches, and 94 inches. All can be built on either Cadillac or Lincoln chassis and all feature all-steel construction.

Leasing and insurance can be arranged, and a two-year Fairway warranty is available.

Flaherty Coach, Inc.

Flaherty Coach of Bristol, WI has redesigned its side console to allow full six-passenger seating. The console is made of Corian and laminated to resist wear and tear.

In Flaherty’s Ambassador series, which offers stretch lengths from 48 to 54 inches, the console features a recessed crystal bar with a locking door. Flaherty also continues to offer the Standard Flaherty Coach in stretch lengths from 54 to 60 inches.

All Flaherty vehicles feature all-steel panels with crash beam supports and GM factory driveshaft bearing supports. All cars also feature a basecoat/clearcoat paint system for increased durability and longer lasting finish.

Financing and leasing plans are available, and Flaherty is also able to offer insurance coverage to most customers. The company offers an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty on the structural conversion, as well as a 24-month/unlimited mileage guarantee against paint rust-through and a 24-month/24,000 mile warranty on the rest of the conversion, including the electrical system. A complete service manual is provided with every Flaherty limousine.

The Hess & Eisenhardt Company

H&E of Cincinnati, OH, is adding one new car for 1989. The Cadillac 60 Series Sedanca Brougham Limousine has rear doors which have been lengthened five inches to provide ease of entry and exit. It offers many features as standard which are either options for not available on other Hess & Eisenhardt models.

Hess & Eisenhardt also continues to offer its Park Hill six-door/nine-passenger, Formal 24-Hour Car and VIP.

Kelly Coachworks Manufacturing Corp.

Kelly Coachworks of Simi Valley, CA is offering the 6500E, a 65-inch stretched Lincoln Town Car. The 6500E seats six passengers and features a dual split bar.

New features for 1989 include an extra-large wine and ice chest which holds over a gallon of ice or four champagne bottles on ice. The ice chest fits flush against the side panel with solid walnut facing and roll top access.

Kelly Coachworks limousines feature dual frame strong back construction with galvanized heavy gauge metal in the floor, roof panels, and window frames. Kelly offers four and five year lease plans, as well as Cadillac’s new commercial use 36-month/250,000-mile warranty. Lincolns are covered by a six-year/120,000-mile plan.

Krystal Koach, Inc.

The word out of Anaheim, CA is that Krystal Koach will continue to offer its 62-inch, 85-inch, and 110-inch limousines. For 1989, Krystal has developed a new high-tech black lacquer interior design. 

Krystal Koach vehicles feature all-steel construction and come with five-year/100,000-mile warranties on the conversions. Krystal also offers an in-house leasing program with same day approval.

Limousine Werks

Limousine Werks of Schaumburg, IL was commissioned by General Motors to build the limousine prototype of its C-Body front-wheel drive 1989 Cadillac Fleetwood. The new model is now available on a limited production basis.

The coachbuilder also produced the “Iron Mike” limousine, which is a limited edition commemorative limousine designed in cooperation with and in honor of Mike Ditka, former NFL player and current head coach of the Chicago Bears. The Iron Mike is available on either the Cadillac or Lincoln base unit.

New standard features on Limousine Werks vehicles include electro-luminescent lighting under seats and in the overhead controls, Sony Television, full-sprung rear-facing seats with armrests, and a master cut-off switch in the driver’s compartment for all rear compartment power.

All Limousine Werks vehicles feature all-steel construction, all conditioned metal with zinc chromate primer, four-coat rustproofing, and clear-coat urethane paint protection.

Limousine Werks offers worldwide leasing packages. Extended service agreements for up to 300,000 miles are available, and the company has a nationwide service center network.

Picasso Coachbuilders Corp.

Custom limousine manufacturer Picasso Coachbuilders of Rego Park, NY offers the all-new Teria 62-inch limousine for 1989. Picasso will also continue to manufacture the Standard Royal 60-inch and the BMW 750IL 56-inch limousines.

Picasso limousines feature all-steel construction. The company has full insurance and leasing packages and offers a six-year/60,000-mile full warranty and a lifetime conversion warranty.

Royale Limousine Manufacturers

Royale Limousine of Haverhill, MA offers the 60-inch Boston Series. The standard conversion includes Michelin 75/225 tires, solid and glass dividers, slim-lined cabinetry, a rear trash chute, halo and bar lighting, color television, leather interior, signature moldings, and two cooler compartments.

The Boston Series vehicles have all-steel construction, a full vinyl padded top, corrugated floors, and dual crash bars in the side panels.

Royale offers a five-year/100,000-mile structural warranty.

Seitler Manufacturing, Inc.

Clearwater, FL-based Seitler Manufacturing offers limousines built on Cadillac, Lincoln, and Mercedes Benz base units. All three models are available in stretch lengths of 54, 60, and 66 inches.

New features on Seitler limousines include overhead controls with the circuit breaker panel located in the chauffeur’s compartment. The vehicles feature all-steel construction, crash bars, and solid wood cabinetry. Financing is available and vehicles carry a 12-month/50,000-mile warranty, plus a five-year/unlimited mileage warranty on steel construction.

Williams Motor Works Corporation

What’s new in Gardena, CA you ask? Williams Motor Works has a new eight-passenger limousine for 1989. The 7049S is stretched 70 inches and features “L” shaped seating to comfortably accommodate eight passengers.

The frame section in the 7049S is double boxed 10 gauge steel. Like all Williams limousines, it features all-steel construction, additional roof support around the moonroof, and a roll bar divider window assembly.

Williams also continues to manufacture the 6037X 60-inch Livery stretch, the 6037D 60-inch dual side, and 7049/X 70-inch Livery stretch.

The company works with a number of leasing sources to provide the best rates available. The vehicle structure is guaranteed for five years, unlimited mileage, with a one-year/50,000-mile warranty on Williams’ component parts. Williams has service facilities in both Northern and Southern California.


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