What Makes A Leader: Part 2

Michael Campos
Posted on July 1, 2012

Matt Levine / Hy's Limousine Worldwide / New Haven, Conn.

Matt Levine of New Haven, Conn.-based Hy's Limousine Worldwide

Matt Levine of New Haven, Conn.-based Hy's Limousine Worldwide

> It’s not just about giving orders and telling people what to do. You have to connect with people or else they aren’t going to buy into what you and the company are trying to accomplish.

> A good leader is confident and takes responsibility for his or her actions. He surrounds himself with capable people and delegates the proper tasks to the right people to maximize productivity.

> Clients are impatient as ever and I think eventually everyone will be booking everything on their phones.

> This industry is extremely demanding, so you have to learn to remove yourself when you are away. Otherwise it can get a little unhealthy.

> My father has been a major influence for me over the years. His knowledge and industry experience have been an invaluable source of growth for me.

> Apple is a company that everyone should aspire to be like. They’ve been up, down, and have reinvented themselves so many times. They continue to stay ahead of the curve.

> Don’t stress too much about the day to day issues that arise. They’re ultimately going to occur. Take a deep breath and start again tomorrow.

> Always be honest and stick to your word. You’re only as good as your reputation. Don’t do anything to tarnish it.

Bob Nashawaty / Accent Limousine Service/ Milford, Mass.

Bob Nashawaty of Accent Limousine Service in Milford, Mass.

Bob Nashawaty of Accent Limousine Service in Milford, Mass.

> Great leaders are visionary, adaptable, and strongly committed to the success of not just the project but also the team members.

> My father and mother, Rick and Susan Nashawaty, were the amazing duo at the helm of our company for over 20 years. Their style of leadership earned them great respect and true success. I lead by their example.

> Our industry is going to be increasingly regulated, putting even more of a burden on operators. On a positive note, I see the industry standing up to its responsibility to properly deal with waste and minimize pollution.

> With Google’s driverless cars continuing to have success, I can imagine having a fleet of driverless cars all powered by online transactions. How cool would that be?

> It’s fruitless to undercut one another while the cost of operating has only increased.

> Success can be found even in failure. Learn from mistakes and try again.

Collins Ogada / Bella Luxury Limousine/ Allentown, Penn.

Collins Ogada of Allentown, Pa.'s Bella Luxury Limousine

Collins Ogada of Allentown, Pa.'s Bella Luxury Limousine

> Inspired employees are able to look beyond their next paycheck and into their long-term prospects with a company. It takes a good leader to paint that picture and describe it in compelling terms.

> I don’t like asking my employees to do things that I’m not comfortable doing, and that has a gone a long way in helping retain good people.

> The one thing that will continue to shape the industry is technological change, and embracing new technology is not just a matter of necessity but survival.

> I’m always fascinated with the diversity of the passengers we move every day.

> I would like to see the industry adopt some kind of a professional certification program that would ensure consistency in services rendered.

> I admire Starbucks not just because of their great global brand, but also because of their social investments, especially the great work they’re doing with inner city schools.

> I have always been a fan of Cadillac and will continue to have them in my fleet.

> My Mom always said that if you do something for the right reason, everything else will fall in place.

> Always under-promise and over-deliver. You gain customers for life when you consistently exceed expectations.

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