2012 Limo Industry Technology Tool Kit

Michael Campos
Posted on April 17, 2012

Bob Dylan once sang, “The times, they are a-changing, and if you don’t have a smartphone app, you ain’t nothin’.” Or that would be the 2012 version of that lyric.

The spread of tablet computers and smartphones with blazing Internet speeds have caused humans to expect instant-gratification to come even faster, and businesses who can’t deliver will be left in the dust.

Vendors at the 2012 International LCT Show revealed some of the most advanced technology the limousine industry has ever seen. Operators saw a plethora of tools ranging from smartphone apps to lead generators to document digitizers to sci-fi-esque suspension systems.

New technology not only keeps operators ready to meet their clients’ needs, it also helps them keep their business organized and efficient. Investing in technology can be intimidating in today’s economy, but operators should understand that a lot of the tech will pay for itself in the long run by eliminating unnecessary and inefficient processes. It may even end up costing owners more over time if they lose clients because they didn’t have the right tools to compete in this industry.
The following is a sample of the new groundbreaking concepts vendors brought with them to Las Vegas.

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Category: Lead generator
Pricing: No sign-up fee, no monthly fees, no cost per lead, no contract. Commission is 10% off base rate, only when a ride is booked (will increase to 17.5% after April). BeTransported is the merchant of record and absorbs all credit card fees.
Market: Nationwide
Vetting process: BeTransported looks at the licensing documentation needed to operate as a chauffeured transportation service, such as business licenses, permits, insurance, sticker licensing, airport licensing, DOT information, etc.
Mobile app: To be released in April.
Special features: Vendor profile is fully customizable and allows operators to set blackout dates and times for full control over when they take rides through the program.
Benefit to operators: Flexible marketing tool that gives operators ability to take depressed inventory when it’s sitting around and put it to use.

“BeTransported guarantees a level of service that is consistent throughout its network, which is why we vet our vendors to make sure they’re a good fit,” says Issen Alibris, director of business development for BeTransported. “We’re currently participating in a number of large email campaigns and traditional marketing avenues, and we’ve got some pretty big partnerships in the works that can potentially put us in front of tens of millions of eyeballs.”


Category: Livery software
Features: Online reservations; GPS tracking; fleet dispatch with mobile data terminals; remote reservations and dispatching; integrated employee scheduling; exchange farm-in/farm-out reservations with other Livery Coach users and with any FleetBook vendor.
What’s new: iPad/iPhone integration with iChauffeur and iGreeter apps.
Installation process: On-site installation and training. Team pays for its own travel expenses and conducts training up to three days. Additional training can be purchased.

Trip Tracker

Category: Livery software
Features: Online reservations, even if company doesn’t have a website; dispatch and accounting management; BlackBerry and iPhone integration; employee telecommute access, TripTrack2Go “roving feature” allows remote access to office computer.

Category: Lead generator
Market: Global
Special features: Hotel-like service rankings (4-star, 5-star, 5-star Elite)
What’s new: Launch of mobile app V.2, which will feature basic and specialty vehicles, scheduled service, OnDemand service, and local operators brand.
Select airline partners: American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, US Airways, Continental Airlines
Major travel partners: Amtrak, Orbitz, Marriott, Delta
Corporate travel partners: Tripit, Orbitz for Business, Concur, Sabre Travel Network
Other partnerships: OpenTable, TicketsNow, David’s Bridal, Ticketmaster, Wedding Mapper, HopStop,,
Benefit to operators: Helps operators get found by clients in their service regions. “I believe 2012 is the ‘Year of the Local Operator’,” says Doug Anderson, Chief Product Officer.

The Limousine App

Category: Reservation / account management smartphone app
Market: Global
Pricing: personalized iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app = $3,000; personalized Android app = $3,000; personalized iPhone and Android apps = $3,500.
Client features: Book reservations; locate closest airports; book, modify and cancel reservations; book return trips; request vehicle to stand by; inform dispatch that client is running late for pickup; inform dispatch when client is ready for pickup; call company directly from app with one-touch call button; populate profile with multiple addresses; populate profile with multiple passengers
Operator features: Personalized design to include company logo and name; company profile; upload fleet list; integrates with back-office software.
Benefit to operators: Aside from offering clients a convenient way to book their trips, a branded app acts as a virtual office that lives inside a client’s pocket. The convenience drives repeat business.

Limo Anywhere

Category: Livery software
Features: Cloud-based reservation management tools, integration with LimoGPS
What’s new: DriverAnywhere smartphone app, available for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Free for any Limo Anywhere user. Tracks fleet and shows real-time location. Reports data every 15 seconds and stores into system’s GPS tab.

Fujitsu Computer Products of America

Category: Paper scanners
Types: ScanSnap series (entry-level) and fi series (advanced enterprise version)
Features: All types of documents, including business cards, can be fed into the scanners and digitized and filed electronically.
Pricing: ScanSnap = $195 — $495; fi series = $1,195 — $25,000.
Benefits: Digitize and archive critical business documents, files and records. This eliminates paper waste, organizes documents and makes them easy to find.


Category: Vehicle parts
Description: Compressible liquid adaptive suspension system
Features: Replaces conventional vehicle springs and shock absorbers with a compressible fluid as the spring medium in combination with an electronic control system.
Stiffness modes: Comfort (low stiffness), for regular driving; Sport (high stiffness) for aggressive driving.
Vehicle availability: Ford F-550 and E-450 chassis.
Benefit to operators: Provides a much smoother, comfortable ride than traditional suspension systems, especially in buses with limo seating.


Category: Livery software
Features: Microsoft Cloud-based reservation management and dispatch logistic tools.

Other technology vendors at the 2012 International LCT Show:

3rd Eye Cam
Category: In-vehicle camera system

Digital Ally
Category: In-vehicle camera system

eFleet Services
Category: Cloud-based dispatch and fleet management software

Enterprise GPS
Category: GPS tracking

Global Ground Automation
Category: Livery software
Features: Voyageur Reserve is GGA’s reservation management and dispatch system, and GGA-Online is GGA’s online
reservation system.

Green Ride Global
Category: Environmental sustainability program
What’s new: GRG’s new website features an interactive map-based directory of preferred suppliers and online support.

GroundWidgets Omatics
Category: GPS tracking

Insight USA — StreetEagle GPS Tracking    
Category: GPS tracking

Category: Call center

LiveView GPS
Category: GPS tracking

Padlet Solutions
Category: iPad application developer
Featured product: LimoSignage app

REDTAIL Telematics
Category: GPS tracking

Sedan Magic
Category: reservation smartphone app

Category: mobile credit card reader

Category: GPS tracking

Wireless Matrix
Category: GPS tracking

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