How To Build Better Affiliate Networks On Facebook

Jim Luff
Posted on December 4, 2015

How about farming an order out to anywhere in the world using Facebook? That’s just one way you can develop a mass following of clients and affiliates for best results.

Traditional Advertising Gone
The days of buying 60-second radio spots are over. Many people are playing music they want to hear on a USB drive or they are listening to Pandora or Sirius Radio in their cars and homes. Newspapers worldwide are closing as audiences get news on their mobile devices. TV viewers now record their favorite shows and fast forward through the commercials. In this “we-want-it-now” electronic age, social media is the most direct path to connecting with clients who may need your service. They are searching the Internet and trying to follow the easiest path to get service. Having a Facebook page, a Twitter account and an Instagram account are the best ways for your company name to show up several times in the search listings.

Building Your Client Network
The more “friends” you have, the more people will be exposed to your Facebook page. To build the number of people or “friends” you connect with, you must promote it. The easiest way to inform your clients who use social media is to include the Facebook logo on your website and all printed materials such as brochures, business cards, receipts, envelopes and letterhead. Word of mouth is the best way to attract new clients. Use social media to offer special deals not available elsewhere and ask your “friends“ to share it with their friends on Facebook.

Keeping It Fresh
Social media page content must be fresh and interesting enough to make clients coming back. There are numerous campaigns you could use to build your network. You could make a daily post about how your company was created and share milestone growth events. People will return to read the next chapter. Ask people to post photos of their pets on your site and ask their friends to “vote” for the cutest dog. The people who post photos will ask their friends to “like” the photo on your Facebook page and probably like your page. If you choose to provide a free one-hour ride for the cutest dog and his owner, post photos of it. The possibilities are endless.

Operator Connections
There are several private limo groups on Facebook, with the largest being LIMO. There is also Limo and Life, LCT Magazine, the National Limousine Association and even groups devoted to certain metro areas. Participants discuss many different aspects of running a limousine company that would include marketing, safety, mechanical issues and ethics. This can include sharing a particular service failure such as getting a client to the airport late and how to handle the matter. It’s a great way to get advice from peers.

Of course, the most important connection is being able to locate a company to farm an order to if you don’t have a contact in a particular city. Operators will post simple comments such as, “Niagara Falls — who do you have for me?” Within minutes, people will start throwing out names and numbers. When you see many operators recommending the same operator in a city, you know you found a winner.

Improved Communications
Many clients use social media as an outlet to express anger or dissatisfaction with a company. Before social media, a person might take the time to write a note to vent about a bad experience. Today, they save the postage, envelope and paper and post it on your social media site or theirs for the world to read. When you respond, it shows the audience that your company cares. While you might be tempted to direct a client to call the office to discuss the matter, it leaves the rest of the reading audience hanging in suspense. Keep it transparent and share how the problem was resolved. If you can’t share on social media how you handled the problem, you probably didn’t solve it at all.

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