Online Marketing Expert Drives Limo Industry Forward

Michael Campos
Posted on February 7, 2012

NEW YORK — Digital marketer and social media specialist Eric Potter approaches each of his campaigns with the spirit of winning. “Potter Esquire Media Group doesn’t create to fail,” he says.

Young and seasoned
Potter, a New Jersey native with 15 years of experience working as a corporate and entertainment-industry marketer, spent eight fast-paced months in the limousine industry and discovered a surprising revelation: Many operators have not made the switch to digital media and online marketing.

“Everyone was either using traditional advertising, such as radio, TV and print, or not spending any money on marketing at all,” Potter says. “Most [companies] were relying on their current customers within their communities to sustain their revenue.” He specifically created Potter Esquire Media Group to help the chauffeured transportation industry get up to speed with digital marketing.

Many business owners also fall prey to emerging media companies whose services do not actually provide any value or help to chauffeured operations, Potter says. Because digital marketing is new to the industry, companies don’t have anyone on their team to explain how it works and what it takes to succeed online.

“We are a group of young seasoned professionals that live and breathe social media and social marketing,” Potter says. “When we leave the office, we go home and check our computers to continue monitoring the campaigns we created. We create campaigns that turn companies into online forces to be reckoned with. I love what I do.”

Digital pioneer
Potter started his career in 1996 as the online promotions manager for Vibe Magazine’s website. The online sphere was still new and he rode the initial wave of Web-centric content creation and management. His boss at Vibe left the company in 1999 to launch a marketing firm on Wall Street called ICED Media. Potter joined ICED Media and created online campaigns for clients such as Motorola, Virgin Records, Universal Records, Comedy Central, QVC, Swatch, Justin Timberlake, and New Line Cinema.

He left ICED Media in 2009 to join a mobile app design start-up in Canada called Ph03nix New Media, where he oversaw all social media and affiliate marketing efforts for the launch of mobile apps and online gaming products on various smartphone platforms and social media sites.

Eventually Potter made his way back to the U.S. and landed the role of digital marketing director for New York-based Dial 7 Car & Limousine Service, where he increased the company’s revenue and brand recognition through social media and Internet campaigns. His experience at Dial 7 led him to create his own marketing firm late last year.

Beyond Facebook
Potter wants operators to know that a digital shift is happening in the industry whether they want to accept it or not. “At some point operators will have to change the way they attract new clientele, especially when the majority of their target audience is using their mobile devices more than their computers. They’re spending more time on Facebook than they do watching television. They listen to Pandora and Spotify more than regular AM/FM radio.”

Online marketing is more than just creating a Facebook or Twitter page, Potter says. It’s about understanding one’s target audience and creating a campaign that will engage and grow one’s customer base. What’s unique about digital marketing is that Potter can review analytics and client-response in real-time to see where he’s gaining or losing traction and immediately adjust the campaign to be more appealing to the audience.

No sales pitch
“There is no sales pitch in what Potter Esquire Media Group brings to the table,” Potter says. “We do the research and state the facts. The owners who move their companies forward with social media, eco-friendly technology, corporate partnerships, and digital and mobile initiatives are the ones who will prosper.

Eric Potter marketing experience:

Fast Facts about Potter Esquire Media Group

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